On Writing : Anthology series, I miss those by Larry Yoakum III

Larry Yoakum III

Anthology series, I miss those

Remember Tales From the Darkside? Or Tales From the Crypt? Stephen King's Amazing Stories? Ah, good ol' television shows that required writing. In this day and age of so-called reality TV, we need to bring back shows like that. I had several publishers look at my short story collection and tell me the stories reminded them of these old shows. A different creature each week, that sort of thing. I just wish they didn't want $900 to publish my book. That's why I self publish. It might not be glamorous or letting me get out of my day job, but at least the stories are in the world. I can't afford those high publishing prices. I'm a forklift jockey. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. Now I'm off to finish my beer and write some more.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

The Twilight Zone featured a lot of short films, including independent French films. I wasn't too keen on horror, but that series had some great stories. I used to like skit shows like the old Saturday Night Live (20th century) and Mad TV, and even the Tracey Ulman show. And looking back at "The A-Team's" first series, that was even better than I remembered. Even the old G.I. Joe series had great episodes on the love triangle between Destro, the Baroness, and the Baroness's secret identity. I tried watching TV recently, and there was no depth to anything.

Aray Brown

Don't get me started on Tales From The Crypt. Had a crush on the crypt keeper lol

David E. Gates

If they were decent publishers, they'd be paying YOU to publish your book!

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