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Author Pay

Evening! Just writing an article on author pay (book authors) and surprised to find in my twitter poll there are still a large number of authors paid yearly., and one poor guy paid 3 yearly! Most seem to have a mix of publishers paying at different times but life would be so much easier with all monthly royalties lol. This coincides with credit card payments and mortgages ;-) Just wondered what everyone's experience is on this subject?

Karen "Kay" Ross

watching this thread intently Thanks for the great question!

Steven Hopstaken

We get quarterly payments/statements, which is standard in the US because if you are self-employed or get a significant amount of income from sales you have to pay taxes quarterly. Our publisher is in the UK, so it can be spotty and we might only get two royalty statements a year. You should get a statement even if you didn't make money that quarter, as that also needs to be reported to the IRS if you are a quarterly tax filer.

Steven Hopstaken

Our books if anyone is interested. It came out in 2019 and I think we have gotten 7 or 8 royalty statements. There is a bit of a delay as Amazon can be slow to send statements to the publisher.


Daisy White

Thanks Steven, I think it appears to be a bit of a taboo subject for creatives, payment & how much. There is a lot of feedback that you should be doing it for the love etc (which we all are but still need to pay the bills). I have one publisher who pays monthly, and two who pay quarterly BUT now sub-rights can take up to 9 months to hit my bank account, including advances. I have to admit as full time writer I struggle to balance the books and not knowing exactly when advances etc are coming in doesn't help. I appreciate my luck, I love my readers, and I love to write, but I also need to please the bank ;-)

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