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Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Author & Screenwriter here...

Hello, my fellow creators. Old lady writer here. While many of my writer friends moan and groan about how busy they are and can't finish a project, I'm here to tell them, and everyone here, that's a bunch of bunk. It all depends on what you want to accomplish.

Back in the days when my sons were little and I was married, I waited until everyone else was in bed, then I sat down and wrote until sometimes 2 in the morning. If you are driven, you will create. You can't help it. Back then, I wrote four novels (1979 through around 1987), then I learned how to write screenplays. Currently, I have somewhere around 15 screenplays, but I only talk about 9 or 10 of them because the others are dusty.

These days it takes me 60-90 days to write a novel -- first draft. I don't sit around whining about how busy I am. I don't watch endless TV shows and movies. I write. I get my content out there.

My only problem is that I don't have the funds to market my books. Hopefully, that will change. Back in October/November some f&*%head hacked my website to pieces. It was totally broken. I just hired a neighbor lady to glamorize it. What you see now is a functional website, nothing else. It's a mess. www.dawngreenfieldireland.com

I have three novel series: The Alcott Family Adventures cozy mysteries (3 books); Prophecy of Thol young adult other-world creature series (4 books -- #4 will be published by June); and my adult shape-shifter Bonded series (3 books, just started #4).

I have two stand-alone novels. One dystopian set in 2086 titled The Last Dog, which strangely has a disaster and deaths similar to this Corona Virus plague we're currently experiencing.

Then last, but not least is Forced Dreams, a sci-fi romantic adventure. FD was the second book in my 1980s "writing marathon".

So, if you want to discuss writing novels or screenplays, or -- gasp -- even technical writing where I cut my writing baby teeth, let's talk!

Fiction and Nonfiction Books | Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Fiction and Nonfiction Books | Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Dawn Greenfield Ireland is an award-winning author of Fiction and Nonfiction books, screenwriter and technical writer/editor. Need book formatting, coaching, editing or technical writing? How about re…

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