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Alex Marroquin

Authors and screenwriters

How many of you are published authors as well as screenwriters? Did you start with one before moving onto another? Maybe doing both? I myself am both. I had a horror novella published last December and just starting to write the 2nd draft of my first full-length script.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Jeff E. Gregory

I'm strictly a novelist.

Bill Lonero

I co-wrote a novel about 4 years ago. Only published it digitally. Never pursued the physical publishing route. It got a good reception. Now I just work on music and screenplays.

Charles K. Frazier

I started writing a novel, but my editor keep telling me that my writing style was more suited for screenwriting...(I still think that was her polite way of saying that I sucked). So after completing the 1st draft of my novel I started converting it as a screenplay. I had so much fun with the script that I kept writing and completed 4 sequels of that story.

I've now written 11 other screenplays and hope that I can get something sold, optioned or developed before I pass away.

John Ellis

Was a novel writer first, then some friends and I decided to produce a movie (2000) and since I was the only one with any writing experience, I was "volunteered" to write the screenplay. It sucked. But I fell in love with screenwriting, and have been doing it ever since. In between novel-writing of course. You never forget your first love.

David E. Gates

I've published several books and written a full-length feature screenplay - and a short film screenplay. I've published my feature screenplay on Smashwords and Amazon. I now concentrate on my books. If someone shows enough interest, I could be convinced to turn them into screenplays too.

Daisy White

Respect to all of you doing both - I can just about keep focus on the books ;-)

James Austin McCormick

I started out writing prose (speculative fiction) and have several short stories, novellas and novels professionally published. I got interested in script writing because I started reading scripts of my favourite films. Once I studied the craft and started writing scripts myself it actually changed my prose style. I go through phases, but at the moment I'm focused just on writing screenplays.

James Austin McCormick

ps, I often work out story by writing it in prose first, feeling it out (writing from the outside in I think is the term)

Brett Hoover

I wrote my first children's book in 2015 and got it published the same year. The next year my second book in the same series was published. Surprisingly enough, I imagined screenwriting to be this mythical artform that I was afraid to even attempt. You would think having two published books would give me the confidence to try but it didn't. It wasn't until a few months ago, I went all in on writing my first screenplay. A screenplay that I just finished editing and completed this week. While it is different from writing a book, there is a beauty to it that I instantly fell in love with. Next up, I intend to make a screenplay of my book series.

Charles K. Frazier

I started with a novel, but my editor said that my writing style was more suitable for screenplays. I think that was her polite way of saying that I sucked at novel writing. Anyway, upon her advice, I turned that 1st novel into a screenplay and squeezed 3 sequences out of that story. I've since written 11 other screenplays. But I think I'm gonna end up taking them all to my grave. :(

Samantha Fair

I've published 3 books and turning them all into screenplays. I found it easy to do both but the only struggle I had was trying not to direct the scene.

Dean Drinkel

Yeah published horror author here too and in 2018 set up my own horror publishing company called DEMAIN - about 100 books published so far.

Jeff E. Gregory

I'm strictly a novelist myself.

Tasha Lewis

I started as a novelist and then adapting to film.

Daisy White

I am in awe of anyone who can do both. I wouldn't have a clue where to begin and it took me long enough to learn how to write a decent book ;-)

Christian Nommay

If tabletop RPGs count, I published my first book two years ago, and now I'm adapting my world into an animated series.

Aray Brown

I started off as an author but went back and forth for a long period time

Thomas Tamburello

Had my first screenplay turned into a movie but I made it so does that count? I have written several others and if I don't sell these I'll make them too. Love this biz!

Tasha Lewis

All my projects on my project page are adapted from novels.

William 'JPop' Schumpert

Published Independent Author but also have written screen plays. A few years ago I was in contact with a Canadian director about adapting one of my works but talks fell out as he had family issues. Still writing and have my scripts saved.

- Horror Anthology

- Dark Comedy about Depression

- Animation/Live Action Hybrid Crime

- Drama

Also write Manga (Japanese Comics).

Arran McDermott

I'm a screenwriter but I also write novels and published my first book last year. Since I'm not sure if I want to be a screenwriter or a novelist full time I try and come up with stories that can easily work as a book or a movie, that way I can adapt them to either format depending on who I'm pitching them to. It's worked out pretty well so far.

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