On Writing : Book Promotion Ideas? by Daisy White

Book Promotion Ideas?

Hi Everyone, my new book is out and I'd love to get any tips for promotion, especially in the US, so if you have any great ideas please let me know. At the moment I'm pretty focused on Insta and finding influencers to work with but happy to try other things ;-)

Heidi Schussman

Actually, one of the most effective things I've done is schedule a "Meet the Author" at the local libraries. I even contacted the local newspaper ahead of time and they wanted to do a little story about their local author--photo and everything. The cool thing about doing that is you get to blast your social media with the upcoming event.

Daisy White

Thank you Heidi that's v useful and I love the library idea! x

John Michael German

A great marketing concept was done by Davida Ginter who wrote the book about Burning out that you can find via this URL: https://www.amazon.com/Burning-Out-Wont-Get-There/dp/9659277709

She asked people if they wanted to read it and review it and also share it to more. That gave her the initial reader base, reviews and got the book into more thoughts through such.

I appreciate the time you bring and the creativity you awakened into the world.

God Bless,

John German

Elisabeth Meier

It would be good to know your target group better and what these people are doing. You can read a part of your book at garden parties in clubs for women, at book fairs or even in shopping malls in your area or in book shops. Look out for places where you find your target group and go there. The more events like this you have the more you can spread the word... Good luck!!!!!

Elisabeth Meier

Oh, one more... what about a reading for your instagram community? Produce a podcast or a video at vimeo, youtube....

John Ellis

Once all the "social distancing" stuff goes away, and if you're novel is a genre (esp. romance, sci-fi, horror or fantasy), look at attending conventions for those genres. Not ComicCons, they're too expensive and exclusive, but fan cons - there's dozens in Europe every year. Try to go as a Guest, rather than an Attendee, you'll get more exposure and more chances to promote the book. With these genre fan-based cons, face-to-face and word-of-mouth is by far the most effective marketing tool.

Daisy White

Thank you so much for all the great advice guys - I'll go put it into practice! ;-)

Elisabeth Meier

Hi Daisy, a year has passed so how did you go on with your promotions? Did anything work? I'm asking because this last year brought up so many ideas and I thought maybe you found any unusual way to promote your book.

Daisy White

Hi - so Instagram was great and the bloggers super helpful. The whole writing community on there is very welcoming. Usual local press releases & got lucky with a few extras hoovered up on Twitter, in a mag feature. Podcast with Matt Lucas for BBC2 was great for sales. I joined ITW and CWA and Im looking forward to getting out to some festivals once COVID allows. I've tried a couple of Insta Live readings too (had gin first lol).

Daisy White

Ps. I tried the library but they won't stock books from this publisher because they are an indie.

Daisy White

Pps. Using an actual influencer didn't work - maybe wrong target market.

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