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Business Plans

Joey gave us a bit of homework after tonight's webinar. ;) I suppose I will start off with some of the uncomfortable stuff we deal with in this business. The business itself. As a writer, I know so many other writers who live and breathe behind their computers, but the business aspect of writing escapes them. I've always embraced that particular side, maybe it is because I have the contractual background from real estate or maybe I secretly enjoy fine print and migraines. Anyone here struggle with the 'business' aspects? Creating plans, websites, social media platforms and so on? Why is it a struggle for you? Let's rip off the band-aids all at once! (Hi, I'm Dayna. I'm a writer, novelist, newbie screenwriter jumping head first into film and television.)

Mark W. McIntire

Hi Dayna, I am currently struggling with the website concept as a business tool. I understand the blog format, but my computer guru wants me to plan a business look for a new landing page.

Dayna Burnworth

Hi Mark, Are you having trouble with writing content, or how to add content to your website? Or are you lost with the redesign, making it look professional? My e-mail is dayna.vonthaer@gmail.com. I'm happy to help.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

I loved making my website (spiritbutter.wordpress.com) . It was very cathartic for me! PS I would love your feed-back=)

Carl Plumer

Hey Dayna, check out Amy Denim's Coffee Break series for writers, she has one on Business Plans for writers: http://www.amazon.com/Coffee-Break-Guide-Business-Writers/dp/0615946852/ and social media for writers: http://www.amazon.com/Coffee-Break-Guide-Social-Writers/dp/0615925308/ Her site is: http://coffeebreaksocialmedia.com/ FYI, I interviewed her on my podcast, too, if you're interested: http://carlplumer.com/interview-with-amy-denim-creator-of-the-coffee-bre...

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