On Writing : Can you make a novel out of a script? by Alex Marroquin

Alex Marroquin

Can you make a novel out of a script?

Based on your experience and talents, would it be possible to turn your screenplay into a book? I hear many writers take this path if their pitches to production companies fail.

Christopher Phillips

Yes. There are several screenwriters that have turned their scripts into novels.

Cannon Rosenau

I was writing a MOW style script and then saw Hallmark Publishing had a free submission contest for novels so I turned the story into a novel at the same time as writing the script. I would say it's easier to turn the script into the novel than the other way around.

Brett Hoover

I'm currently turning my published books into a screenplay. I can't say which is easier because with a book for the most part you have so much room to be descriptive where in a screenplay you have a few lines max to really convey a scene. Though, I finished my first feature screenplay in 2 weeks where it took me months to finish one book. So both have their pros and cons.

Susan Mac Nicol

I've written both scripts and novels, and one of my books, called Sight Unseen, was written based on a screenplay. It is certainly a different mode of writing needed for each one. I'm currently doing another one for a customer, as this is my business.

Jeff E. Gregory

Very common to turn either into the other. Ease of doing, I don't know.

David E. Gates

I published my screenplay in book form. Had to change some of the formatting, but it worked out okay. It's called The Projectionist and is available at all good online bookstores. And Amazon.

Stefano Pavone

My speciality :) I wrote a self-contained script into a novel but realised it was too short as a standalone story, so I wrote two sequels to make a trilogy and novelised those as well to make an epic book. :)

Stephen Carter

It was a huge undertaking. But early reviews from beta readers are all extremely positive.

Chris Bournea

You certainly can, but pitching to publishers and literary agents is just as difficult. But it’s cheaper to self publish than make an independent film.

Taylor Waters

I did it with three of my screenplays. I'm presently turning on of the novels into a series bible/pitch deck for streaming. What I did was take each chapter and write it up as a scene - then expand and add in whatever is missing. Long process - but very fun.

Erin Mazzei

I've wondered that as well. I think either way you go, it's about putting in the work and getting the content out there. Keep at it and see the project through! If you believe in it, someone else will too. :)

Richard P. Alvarez

Yes it's possible. I've done it both ways. Book to script - and script to book. Heck, I've even gone short script, to feature, to graphic novel (6 issues).

But as always, it's about being able to either self market, or get some agent or publisher excited enough to take on the marketing. It has to be that good.

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