On Writing : Creating a creative mind - problem solving and successful thinking 1/3 by Slavica Bogdanov

Slavica Bogdanov

Creating a creative mind - problem solving and successful thinking 1/3

Where does the ability to think outside the box and problem solve come from? A lot of people have asked me what do I attribute my creativity and my success to. I have written 34 books (and three best sellers) faster than some have written one. I have 6 books coming out on the market this year alone, when some do not have six books published in one year. I have successful launched a start up with only $200 invested and a return of $200,000 in its first year. I have been successful in generating 2,5 million supporters in less than 6 months when I started a peace movement and ended up meeting with leaders of the opposition at the Canadian Parliament behind closed doors. What do I attribute my success to? I believe it all starts with the brain, the mind and finding solutions to any problem. And the brain is a muscle that needs to exercise constantly in order to achieve higher levels of fitness. Here are 3 personal behaviors I have developed, in the hopes that they might help you rise to the top as well: 1- I have an empty mind. People often laugh when I tell them that I don't have anything in my head. And I am very happy with that. I used to hold so much unimportant information and let so many unprofitable thoughts occupy most of the real estate of my brain. With that much clutter, there wasn't a chance in the world, I would have enough brain space for creative solutions. I decided to de-clutter. I removed all negative thoughts, doubts and fears that have no reason for existing. I let go of resentment and as soon as I feel I am thinking about an event or a person in a negative way, I immediately decide to release those thoughts and forgive myself and others; for my own well being. I meditate daily and as often as I can. It is like re-booting the computer, defragmenting all the unnecessary data, like a cleanse of the soul and the mind. And in the void, I find answers, solutions, peace of mind. I found that peace of mind is not linked to any outside circumstances but can be found at any moment within us, even in the most frighting circumstances. Imagine your computer. When you have too many files open, the computer jams and tells you to close all in order to run the program which takes the most place. Your brain is the same. You need to meditate and close all those programs to let the larger one run. I write everything down. As soon as an idea comes, I put it down on paper. I have endless to-do lists, plans, goal lists, "what if lists", dream lists, my "whys" lists, obstacles lists... I write it all. One day, I decided to empty my brain completely on paper. We all think we are such geniuses with thousands of ideas. Yet, when we start writing it all, we realize that only a few good ideas live in our brain and repeat themselves endlessly. Like a juggler afraid to let go of one ball, we juggle the ones we have endlessly. If we put them down, we would be able to receive new balls. The same goes with ideas, thoughts... I am not interested in retaining information that does not serve me. I have trouble with names, historical events, political conversations, general orientation skills, ... And I love it. I used to be a living encyclopedia. I could answer any question about anything. But was that really serving me. no. I know where to find the info as soon as I need it and that's all that matters. My brain is empty. Imagine your computer. You cannot install a new program if the memory is clogged by many unused ones. You need to chuck the ones you do not use to install the ones you need. It is the same with the brain. ...to be continued

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Inspirational. Thanks!

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