On Writing : Dipping my novelist toes in the screenwriting waters by Kerry Schafer

Kerry Schafer

Dipping my novelist toes in the screenwriting waters

Hi everybody - I write fantasy & paranormal mystery as myself, and women's fiction under the pen name Kerry Anne King. My 10th novel is releasing in September. I'm playing with the idea of writing a screenplay just to push myself a little and see if I can do it. So, basically, I'm here hanging out and breathing in all of your creative energy, getting a feel for the lounges and getting inspired.

Rose Koscica-Westfall

screen writing is hard mainly because you have to condense everything into a two hour format.

Charles W Gordon III

As Rose says, it’s a tough medium. But I would imagine, you being a seasoned writer, you should be able to adapt. One suggestion may be to try writing a series. There you might be able to get away with scripting and partial novelization. Biggest pointer, you do what you know how to do. You create something that catches someone’s attention and you talk to the right people, they’ll help you figure how to condense and revise. Good luck with it, I’m sure you can pull it off

Daisy White

Good luck with it & I’ll check out your books!

Stefano Pavone

Welcome to the club. :)

Heidi Schussman

I've done this. I basically transferred all of the dialogue over to Final Draft, but none of the action. Then I back-filled the action with as few words as possible... not easy for a book writer! A producer once told me to not use adverbs. lol... that helped a little.

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