On Writing : Final Drafting? by Benjamin Weldon

Benjamin Weldon

Final Drafting?

Hi Team, When you are finished formatting a script, how do you get it reviewed for errors before submitting it to a whomever or whatever entity you intend to, to ensure you did not overlook anything?

Aray Brown

I'm sure FD has a formatting error option, although i prefer the old school method myself

Allen Clark

I use FD but I have it edited while I'm working on the script by a friend. We both have FD on iPad so I can send it to him to edit and he sends it back.

Al Hibbert

Use an editor- If this is your first time especially- you will learn a lot.

Erik Grossman

I print out a hardcopy and go line by line. Sometimes you just catch things you miss on the screen.

Andrew Bruce Lockhart

depends what sort of errors you are looking for. For grammar, spelling etc - I use a proof reading service. For layout etc I use this - a great tool. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JLTHHVG/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=...

Anthony Moore

I use WritersDuet to complete the first draft. It automatically formats the screenplay for you. I then copy it over to Final Draft to do the spell checking. Finally I print out a hard copy and mark it up. Then I give it to my readers and let them have at it!!!

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