On Writing : First Full-Length Stage Play by Ted Westby

Ted Westby

First Full-Length Stage Play

So my new writing partner and I are co-writing our first stage play and unlike the world of screenplays I'm unsure, once its finished, the steps to go about registering/protecting it. Is registering it with the Copyright Office the same as if registering a script? Is registering it with the WGA still an option? Ever so new to this wonderful stage medium. Thanks all.

David E. Gates

Depends where you are - in the UK, just the act of writing it gives it copyright protection. The same is apparently true elsewhere, but a whole business thrives on the paranoia of writers in the US by getting them to register, at a cost, their documents with the WGA or other organisations. Be sure to listen to some of the folks here, because even registering your work with one of those you may still find it's not protected or that they don't support you in resolving issues should your work be plagiarised.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

You can copyright it with the Library of Congress. I would not do that until it has had a few readings -- after which you might heavily revise the ms. (Then you'd have to re-register it.)

Jedidiah Oligbinde

Registering an Intellectual Property is a bit different here in Nigeria. A written document is usually registered at the Nigerian Copyright Commission. It's actually important to protect such document to avoid copyright infringement.

Ted Westby

Really appreciate the tips. @David, perhaps when we get this play up in the UK you'll come see it. ;-)

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