On Writing : Fusion by Tariro Chinyowa

Tariro Chinyowa


Hi guys

So I'm thinking of having one script, written by different people from different places merging our differences in culture and the laws that govern us. We can agree on a particular situation to write on, (it should be a social issue). Writing is inspirational and i feel as writers we can help people put their differences aside and work together as human beings. We can later develop it into a film and having many different people from different places taking part i think it will be a great movie. Its just a thought.

Who is interested?

Rutger Oosterhoff

I really like the idea of fusion. Creates a stronger thinktank. But I'm somewhat out of basic ideas right now.

Nichole Williams

I love this idea! Would be interested.

Tariro Chinyowa

Rutger Oosterhoff don't worry, like you said it creates a stronger thinktank, i believe once there is a hint from the other side you can come up with a way to develop it. Thank you Nichole Williams. Let's set a date and share ideas.

John Michael German

Sounds like a great concept; especially within the times of now, misunderstandings can be the catalyst to negativity and angst. A script that dives into such, through various view points, and thus awakening the understandings would be tremendous.

Almost as if each writer is the character themselves so to say, and each writer's character is interacting with the others, and organically awakening dialogue, storylines, and the like.

Just some thoughts.

Thank you for the wondrous life you bring forth.

God Bless,

John German

Tom Musinguzi

Great idea. I'm in.

Tariro Chinyowa

Hi guys . Thank you all for the support. and I am glad and motivated with brilliant ideas I am receiving from you. For starters, all interested in taking part, we need to agree on a theme. Therefore, kindly send your suggestions to tarichinyowa@gmail.com and after I have all the suggested themes I will revert them back to you and we all vote for one theme. After that we can have a Zoom meeting to discuss further. Unfortunately I will not be available from Friday till the 17th of July for I will be sitting for examinations but from the 20th of July I will be available full time. I guess that now give us a lot of time to come up with exciting themes and for others interested to join in. You all have a great night.

Traveling Ed Teja

A drama of some kind? Or a television series????

Dan MaxXx

lawyer up first if you're serious about doing a film

Tariro Chinyowa

Hi Traveling Ed Teja,. Thinking of a television series kind of.

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