On Writing : Great article on the bad state of the physical book biz ... by Jeff Lyons

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Jeff Lyons

Great article on the bad state of the physical book biz ...

Barnes & Nobel is headed for the book dustbin of history--unavoidable--and here's a great post from one of my self-pub heroes, Hugh Howey, about why that is the case. The big box model of selling books is done. And even indie bookstores may be on the run soon, due to Amazon's new retail strategy. The physical book biz is changing and who knows where it will end up. :) http://bit.ly/2cOwvxg

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Hugh Howey
Rock, Paper, Scissors - Hugh Howey
More bad news in the book world, for those of you following along. On the heels of bad news from the Big 5 publishers, we have yet another dismal earnings report from Barnes & Noble. Sales are down 6%…
Jeff Lyons

YES... I HAVE :) It's just so darn expensive to produce one of them. Haven't cracked that one yet. but, I'm on that page too.

Jeff Lyons

Right... Audible is the biggie... they dominate the market.That's where you should be for sure :)

Tivoli Silas

I don't like the fact that Barnes and Noble might one day close and that Amazon has hurt not just book stores, but other small businesses. I've always loved being able to go inside a bookstore to browse, and sometimes I feel like I could spend hours there. I was very (and, I'll admit, sometimes still) saddened that Borders closed. I may be a millennial, but I'm still would rather buy a physical book at the store than order it online or read a digital copy.

Jeff Lyons

Yes they're opening one in chicago... and they are doing well. They will be rolling them out stragegically over the next few years... indie bookstores are not happy

David E. Gates

I narrated my own book, Access Denied and published it on Audible. Apart from being aware of the format (particular hz. rates etc., and allowing silence at start and end of each chapter), it was relatively easy to publish on Audible. It appears in iTunes etc. too. For marketing, use the 20-25 free copies to generate interest (they don't tell you about the freebie codes you can give away, you have to ask for them!). And, once it's set up, you can use one of the codes to download it to yourself if you don't have a subscription already.

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