On Writing : Hi all! Looking for beta readers. by Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter

Hi all! Looking for beta readers.

Long time Stage32 member, but new to this lounge. I'm finishing my debut novel, an adaptation of one of my screenplays, and I'm wondering if anyone here does beta reads, or knows a good place to find them. I've had zero luck with Goodreads, and am considering Fiverr, but wondering if any of you have any leads, or would be interested.

Logline: After an LAPD detective's wife and unborn child are murdered by a serial killer, he discovers that a group of genetic hybrids, Homo Novus, has been killing prominent doctors. When he learns the cases are related, he must decide whether to protect the hybrids from the rogue Homeland Security agent hunting them, or help eliminate them to save the human race.

I've been struggling with the logline too, so I'm open to suggestions!

Thank you!

Richard Buzzell

Question: Why would anyone want to protect the hybrids?

Stephen Carter

Because things are not always as they seem.

John Ellis

Entrada Publishing offers beta readers for $85. I've been researching beta readers for a while and I've discovered that paying for a beta read is a lot like paying for script coverage - some good, some bad. Some think it's worthwhile, others think it's a scam. My view is you get what you pay for - and $85 isn't bad for "coverage" of a novel.

Clare Keogh

Hello,we do book critiques,I hope we can help

Stephen Carter

Great, thanks, John. I'll check them out. I don't mind paying, I'm looking for honest and helpful notes from sophisticated readers.

Tasha Lewis

Visit FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Section on Stage.

Stephen Carter

To what end?

Daisy White

Wow that cover is #goals!

Alex Owumi

HI Stephen, Logline looks great. Would love to help you out.

Richard Buzzell

Stephen - I believe the key to success with a logline is stop thinking of it as a description, and start thinking of it as a marketing pitch. Don't describe it, sell it. Here's my suggestion: When a group of genetic hybrids, Homo Novus, goes on a killing spree, an LAPD detective has to figure out whose side he's on.

Stephen Carter

Thank you, Daisy!

Stephen Carter

Thanks, Alex, that would be awesome. I'll shoot you a PM.

Stephen Carter

Thanks, Richard. Sweet improvement!

Richard Buzzell

Stephen - You're welcome. How many pages is the novel?

Stephen Carter

It runs 388, Richard.

Louisa Klein

how many words? I'm a beta reader working for Random House as well. It's the word count that matters, not the pages. I can't offer you my services, since I'm far too busy these days, just a couple of info for you to find the right person: 1) be sure they read extensively in your genre;

2) 85 dollars is really too low, for a true professional. I charge 200 dollars (VAT INCLUDED) for a 100k words book. It takes me at least 8 hours to read a book of that length 'professionally' and another hour to write a detailed editorial letter;

3) By 'detailed editorial letter' I mean a letter underlining the weaknesses and plot holes, as well as the story's strong points. IT HAS TO BE BETWEEN 500 AND 1000 WORDS AT LEAST, or it's a scam.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

Stephen Carter

Thanks for the tips, Louisa! I wish you could read it. :-( The book runs about 113K

Marcella Steele

Hi, I've used Fiverr for several services and highly recommend wbproofreading as a beta reader/proof reader. For editing, mmacrae is the best!

Richard Buzzell

Stephen - If things open up for me in early June, I'm willing to give it a read.

Robin Chappell

Logline sounds good! But unfortunately I don't have the time right now.

David E. Gates

That picture looks familiar.....

Martin Roy Hill

There's a company called Beta Reads that offers beta reading at a cost ($85 and up). I've never used them and to be honest, as a freelance book editor as well as novelist, it sounds more like a manuscript review than a beta read. But here is their URL: https://www.betaread.com/

Stephen Carter

Thanks, Richard. I'll check back with you. Maybe you could do round two. Thanks, Robin! It's a free template, David. Thanks, Martin! I've since found a few. Good Reads finally produced a couple for me, and Fiverr had a couple. One was a complete waste of money. I'm going to get through this first round of notes and go for a second round of beta reads. So far, the response has been 100% positive, with very few actionable notes. Not sure how I feel about that. :p

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