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Tameka LaSay Anderson

Introduce Yourself

Hello all! Although I have been a member for awhile now, this is my first time introducing myself (go figure LOL). A friend of mine is super awesome and supportive and challenged me to post my profile here and get involved so that's what I'm doing. A little bit about me. I am an author, playwright, director, and producer. I have a love for all things performing arts. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be on stage, in a movie, in front of a camera, behind a camera, or anything that allows me to showcase my creative performance skills. I teach children how to be their most creative self. They are already a bundle of joy however often times parents limit their children and stifle their creativity because they are forcing their own beliefs on them. If you have children, please don't be that guy. LOL Anywhoo, I love life, laughter, and love so if you come in contact with me just know that I will definitely keep a smile on my face and help keep one on yours as well. Look forward to getting to know more about everyone in this awesome community and feel free to reach out if you need a laugh or just wanna chat!

Lord Graham C Jones

Hi Tameka. Nice to know you. Good you like to have a laugh. Keep in touch :-)

Tameka LaSay Anderson

Nice to meet you as well!!

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Tameka!

Tameka LaSay Anderson

Thanks Jake!!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hey Tameka, this is Beth from the Stage 32 team. I just wanted to let you know I moved your post from Authoring & Playwriting to Introduce Yourself, as it fits much better there. Let me know if you have any questions, and all the best to you!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community Tameka! Nice to meet you

Tameka LaSay Anderson

Okay great thanks Beth! Nice to meet you as well Aray!

Aray Brown

Hope your well Tameka!

Tameka LaSay Anderson

I am Aray! How about you?

Aray Brown

I'm well :) working on my pilot. Didn't do an outline before I jumped in, but sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants

Tameka LaSay Anderson

LOL my kinda gal Aray!!

Aray Brown

That's how I roll :)

Linda Hullinger

Hi Tameka, I think it's great that you teach children to accept and expand their creativity! I wrote a Christmas play in the 5th grade and my teacher let me direct it and my friends perform it. I think she was a big factor in my current love of writing screenplays for kids. :-)

Ian Anderson

That's awesome

Vince Conside

Welcome Tameka

Kiki Olivia Adaire

HI there nice to meet you.

Tameka LaSay Anderson

Linda that's awesome! And thanks everyone for the warm welcomes!

Chester Mirador

Hello and welcome!

Tameka LaSay Anderson

Hello Chester! Thanks for the welcome!

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