On Writing : Is Poetry the same as Song Writing? by Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons

Is Poetry the same as Song Writing?

Is lyric writing the same as poetry? (relevant question due to Mr. Dylan) Not really, but lyrics can still "topple empires" so... pretty powerful stuff. Here's a great article describing the differences--they are considerable. http://www.writersdigest.com/qp7-migration-books/writing-better-lyrics-i...

Allen Clark

I think they are different after all can you see yourself listening to Shakespeare songs...

Jeff Lyons

I don't know... some of those sonnets are pretty musical... :)

Anthony Caputo

Paul Simon poetry to music great poet/song writer

Allen Clark

Now as a poet I can say this listening to poetry over music isn't an unfamiliar or new territory as over the years many poets have made some of the best albums with listening too. Gill Scott-The Revolution Will Not Be Televised The Last Poets and even Jack Kerouac. But if we want to take it a step further Hip Hop its self has been the rawest form of poetry made and has proven that if done right poetry can be listened too.

Tivoli Silas

There must be some similarity, since Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature as a songwriter

Rachel Walker

I would say, from personal experience that the poet and song writer produce their words based on the soul, that reaches to thought as a release to pursue this effort. They have more in common than not.

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