Your Stage : Ive turned my YA Adventure / SCI FI novel into a screenplay by Stephen Cheshire

Stephen Cheshire

Ive turned my YA Adventure / SCI FI novel into a screenplay

Hey all

Here is my YA adventure book, full of action to the very end, plus a bit of banter. I have a small sample below for you to come to an understanding of The Day Trip. I hope you enjoy. If you wish to add me, please feel free to do so. (sample and Amazon link below)

S W Cheshire

“Come on,” Max said, seeing where Bradley was looking. “She’s dead.”

The woman overheard them speaking and slowly opened her eyes, coughing up small drops of blood. She felt the blood pounding in her head. Police sirens wailed through her ears into her brain. She took a deep breath and felt her chest push out against the strong material of the seat belt. “Help!” she yelled. “Help me, please!” She feebly struggled to open her door.

“Shit!” Bradley gasped. “Come on.”

“Bradley, no,” Mr. Knightsbridge yelled. “Come on, we have got to get out of here.”

“We can’t just leave her,” Kevin said. “What would you want in her situation?”

Mr. Knightsbridge shook his head as Bradley led Kevin, Max and Eric over to the car. Then he followed close behind. Bradley dove to the ground to get a better view of the woman. The engine was smoking.

“You okay, miss?” he asked.

Blood was running down her face and mixing with her straight white-blonde hair. “I, I, I’m okay,” the woman gasped. “Get me out, please!”

“Okay, stay calm,” Bradley said to her. He got up and ran to the other side of the door, carefully army-crawling in the broken window. He winced as glass dug into his forearms and legs, but he had to release the woman’s seatbelt if she was going to get out. The smell of gas was overpowering.

“Kevin,” Bradley yelled.

Kevin leaned down and looked into the car. “What’s up?” he asked.

Bradley took a deep breath. “Remember that smashed up fire truck? Go and get me something like the jaws of life,” Bradley ordered.

“Got it,” Kevin said and left.

“And an extinguisher!” Bradley yelled as Kevin ran across the road towards the fire truck. “Just in case.”

Kevin ran inside the truck, but called out, “Eric, watch out!”

“For what?” he replied.

Kevin rolled his eyes as he searched every compartment he could find in the truck. “I don’t know, the green things?”

“Oh, right,” Eric replied. He walked around the truck to get a better view of where the Armazoids were attacking people a few streets away.

Kevin finally found what he was looking for and hauled the jaws of life and extinguisher over to Bradley, who was now standing outside the driver’s door assessing where he should cut without harming the woman. As Kevin passed over the jaws of life, he heard Eric scream. He whirled around to see two of the Armazoids coming towards him from the fire truck.

“Shit!” Kevin gasped. He pulled out the tiny plastic pin and activated the extinguisher. He pulled the silver hook and blasted the Armazoids away from him. As they were blinded by the foam, Kevin delivered two beautiful head kicks, knocking them out cold.

Bradley looked at Kevin and then the extinguisher. “Not what I had in mind,” he said, “but there we go.”

Thicker smoke started to billow from the hood of the sedan, and the woman began to wail. “Shit!” Bradley gasped. “Kevin, spray now.”

Kevin sprayed the car engine, struggling to find the source of the smoke. Bradley started cutting through the material—it wasn’t easy. “Come on,” he started to groan.

The thick black smoke started to fill the car, the lady finding it harder and harder to breath. Finally, the last of the material was cut. Bradley pried off the door and took the woman’s outstretch hands, helping her to avoid the sharp metal edges of the car frame.

Kevin watched Bradley help the lady until he saw some flames licking the inside of the engine compartment.

“Bradley, we gotta move.” He sniffed the air, the gas smell thick in the smoke. “This car is gonna blow!” He took the woman by the other elbow, and together, they ushered her out of harms way, followed closely by Mr. Knightsbridge, Max, and Eric.

The fire slowly crept into the engine, igniting the gas and fumes. The green sedan was thrown up into the air from the explosion. Bradley fell forward as the explosion rocketed through the street blasting other car windows out. He looked up at Kevin, who was helping the woman stay standing. They all turned their heads around and looked at the burning car.

“Jesus Christ!” the woman said. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem,” Bradley said. He lay back down on the ground.

“Come on,” Mr. Knightsbridge yelled. “We have to go.”

The woman continued to look at Bradley. “Name’s Amelia,” she said.

“Hi Amelia,” Bradley said. “Nice to meet you. We must go out for a drink sometime.”

“Hello,” Amelia replied, shaken up. “I think I am a bit too old for you.”

“After today,” Bradley said, “I think people will have a lot more on their minds than a younger man and an older woman dating.”

Bradley saw movement behind Amelia and quickly rose to his knees, looking behind her at a group of Armazoids charging towards them. “Move it, people,” he cried, shoving Amelia behind him. Mr. Knightsbridge and the other boys started running down the sidewalk, away from the aliens.

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