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I've been researching and having a play with Amazon keywords and have managed to get in the top #100 for my children's book #BadPaw for a particular category. Whether or not this will bring any kind of revenue is something only time will tell... Do you go back to revise your keywords?

David E. Gates

I don't believe keywords help you get into the top 100. That would be sales and reviews I'd imagine. You could have focused on specific categories - that can make a massive difference to your showing.

Martin Roy Hill

I occasionally play around with keywords to try to get more exposure to readers searching Amazon for books But what David says is correct. You got to the top 100 because you had a number of book sales. Another factor is what category and subcategory your book is in. My milscifi novel Polar Melt got into the top 100 for the category sea adventures, or something like that, because I had a bunch of sales all at once and it wasn't a crowded category.

Daisy White

You can revise keywords and check out categories which are more niche, which results in more exposure for your book, because you are in the top 100 in that category, but to go top 100 overall it is down to sales as others have said. A targeted ad resulting in concentrated sales on one day will kick your book up the rankings, but unless you can sustain the sales you will drop down fairly quickly. Your book looks great! ;-)

S.B. Goncarova

yes every week you should look at your keywords and cull the ones that are underperforming or costing you money.

Jon Pogioli

Thank you very much, everybody, for your feedback, and apologies for the delay. What projects are you on?

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