On Writing : Late Night Writing by Clark Lewis

Clark Lewis

Late Night Writing

Is it just me or does anyone else do most of their best writing late at night. Its crazy I can be in the bed relaxing trying to go to sleep and then my brain just goes into overdrive. I then find myself sitting up at 1 a.m. writing.

David Bryant

it's usually quiet late at night, everyone's asleep, and the pace is much slower. My daughter is older now so i relish being able to get that time to myself again. :)

Clark Lewis

Alle I do that too sometimes. Now I just put it all in my notepad on my cell phone. So when I get home I can type it out

Clark Lewis

David the quiet time is what gets me too

Gavion E. Chandler

I do my writing at night or early morning ... married life, job and kids makes it challenging. Or I go to a coffee house to write.

Jorge J Prieto

Hey Clark, I'm with you. Same here,the second a story enters my head I can't get it out of there until I put it on paper or my laptap and "yes" I wake in the middle of the night just like you or even worst I miss my stop on the NYC subway if the story takes a hold of me there. But all in all your on track..Good luck man.

Clark Lewis

Jorge that's good stuff man. I almost missed a stop here in LA on the train myself. Thanks

Heather Kingston

I sometimes write at 2 or 3am, it's easier to concentrate when everyone is in bed, peace and quiet!

Clark Lewis

Heather that is a good time to write but for some reason I feel I write my best when Its not so quiet. Like when I'm out and about during the day.

Heather Kingston

Yes I know what you mean, sometimes I like it quiet, but others not so quiet, I find I get my best ideas whilst soaking in the bath.

Lorena Mcneill

I absolutely love writing from midnight until dawn. It's quiet with no distratctions.

John Pastore

Are you kidding? Is there another way?!

Cherie Grant

Needing to write late at night drives me crazy. I'm NOT a night owl.

Gavion E. Chandler

I write late at night.... earlier in the morning when the family isn't not up and about or I go out to a coffee house.

Brandon White

I feel the same exact way I barely get any writing done in the daytime lol

Ami Brown

I am a night person too, I am most creative the later it gets.

Cherie Grant

I want to write late at night, but my brain just starts shutting down.

Robert Matson

I do it. Quiet time.

Alex Jayson

is there any other time? lol

Richard Toscan

Night owl writing is pretty typical, though some super-disciplined folks are able to train themselves to treat writing like a day job, doing it for anywhere from four to six or more hours during the day and occasionally taking the weekends off. Graham Greene was famous for doing this -- I think I recall aiming for about 500 words a day.

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