On Writing : Looking to network with fellow romance/creative writing addicts! by Leonie Ann Garlick

Leonie Ann Garlick

Looking to network with fellow romance/creative writing addicts!

Good afternoon :) I am wildly obsessed with romance/period writing... just wondering if there is any like minded people around me? Regardless of whether you're looking for writers or if you write yourself, I'd love to network with you! Warm wishes, Leonie Ann Garlick

Ivan Alexei Dominguez

hi Leonie!

Phillip McDonald

G'day Leonie! I don't call myself a period romance writer but I have just written a short romance play about Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana who find love as 'The Three (blonde) Graces' in each others arms. And my next play will be another period love piece with Scarlett O'Hara who has a showdown with Vivien Leigh who blame each other for their failed love lives. So if that is period romance writing in your book we might have common ground to share on how to write period romance.

Ron Arnold

Hi Leonie, Writing to me allows my imagination to go places beyond all walls. I love to write and although I have written mostly "Thriller" style action screenplays, I have been writing a somewhat new approach to romance/action stories. Getting to the point, I decided years ago to explore my Celtic roots. Having lived in England, Ireland. Scotland & Switzerland, as well being the son of a full-blood Irish woman, it began to consume me. I know write stories which involve ancient Celts, complete with their fierce defense of honor and how their romance features into their lives. I also write shorts stories filled with the passion of modern man & woman, but with slightly more expression. I want the reader to feel the wind and smell the rain that falls onto the charactors. I would love to share ideas with you and hey, who knows where the hawk may fly? Nice to meet you Leonie. Ron

Leonie Ann Garlick

Hello both! Sorry for the late response, I haven't been on here for a long time! Your ideas and styles sound great, I'd love to talk with you both more! :) I am really into Victorian style /fantasy romance, but am open minded! Speak soon, Leonie

Dan C. Corley

"But soft what light through yonder window breaks....". I love Shakespere and writing in this style, Have sold two books and am working on a screenplay titled "SWORDSMAN".

Phillip McDonald

Leonie I love it that you are wildly obsessed about writing in your particular genre, to write requires passion to finish requires an obsession. I love Thursday's when I can share my obsession with fellows scribes at the local writing class. I am interested to know how you envisage writing period romance for today's audience? Do you write historical or contemporary pieces? My penchant is to take historical characters stories and twist them to touch on contemporary issues.

Leonie Ann Garlick

Hello Phillip, thank you! You are certainly right. It's great to talk to others that are in love with this genre. I love historical, but what you do sounds fantastic. Tell me more! L x

Phillip McDonald

Here is the synopsis for my play The Last Three Blondes, staring Marilyn. M, Grace. K and Diana POW. Three adored icons find themselves alone at the end of an elusive rainbow, forced to live in a blonde same sex world they role-play events from their lives for a last chance at loves “fairytale” ending. - To convey the plays thematic question I demonstrate the world's obsession with female beauty by showing it's logical culmination using the adoration of three famous blonde beauties who are the epitome of the perfect look. 'The Three Graces', gifts from the Gods sent to bring joy and love to the world but who did not find love with their husbands. The irony of it. The world is given the perfect beauty it seeks but does not appreciate it! The loveless beauties sing there way to love in each others arms. p x

Bill Hartin

Leonie - While romance/period writing isn't my genre of choice, I am working on a series pilot that includes both writing disciplines, so would greatly enjoy networking with you. You can reach me at fifolv@gmail.com.

Miguel Campos

I am a fellow romantic creative composer....

Eliza Peake

Over here! New to Stage 32 but I write romance novels.

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