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New book

Hi guys! I’ve been writing feature screenplays for a dozen years with no luck in producing them. So I’ve decided to try a different tack. I’ve written a novel in three acts and the publisher I’ve sent it to is interested. Just wanted to share that with you.

David Lake

Wrote a treatment 25 yrs ago and was in light discussion with a top Hollywood studio. Changes at the studio and I fell between the cracks. So wrote the book. Irvin Kershner got hold of a copy and loved it - wanted to make the movie. BUT, I had no idea how to write a screenplay. Played around with it - gave up. Book re published and hit Amazon Top 30 Thrillers last year. Dived into learning what a screenplay is - and FINISHED IT TODAY ! - Now the hard part.

A. S. Templeton

Well, that’s the trick: write a novel with adaptation potential—indeed, one for which a screenplay already exisis—then get it published and wait for the Hollywood offers to roll in.

I suspect the problem lies in what “published” means. Only mainstream publishing plus runaway book sales are likely to draw Hollywood’s notice. A self-pub writer can self-promote till she’s blue in the face and drained in the pocketbook, but without sales and strong potential audience, even a “good’ story will fail.

It took JK six years to write Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, rejections from a dozen lit agencies before one took a chance, then spending a year on the UK market before a media agent’s assistant happened to mention that their kid really liked this book about a boy wizard. The rights were acquired for £1 million (!) and the movie was in production within a year.

I may have the time frames a bit wrong, but one sees how persistence and hitting the mainstream market just right created a game-changer in literature and in Hollywood.

Phil Mitchell

Just spent £310.00 with a literary agent to get my Spec script, Log line, and Synopsis up to speed. The experience has taught me a lot, and I think it was money well spent. I have three eBooks sitting on the Amazon "Bookshelf" not one of them has ever been looked at yet alone been read or sold.

Malcolm White

In 2008, I took 100 copies of my book to Atlanta International Airport news stand, gave them free to him and they all sold. He call and I sold him 500 more....point is the first 100 copies were read on those long international flights, went all over the world, today if you ebay The Maxwell Depositions, there is an ad for used books from Australia! Point is don't let your work go un-read!

Phil Mitchell

Thanks Malc, the thing is all my stuff's in electric, I don't have anything in hard copy. But great to see you're doing so well, keep it up mate.

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