On Writing : Shine Your Light! by Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp

Shine Your Light!

There's a special light that shines deep inside of each one of us. Some of you have been blessed with more than one shining light. Some of us spend almost our entire lifetime trying to find or figure out what exactly is our special light. I firmly believe that we each have a special gift or talent, and once we discover it and begin to share it with others, it's then, at that moment, when we are blessed with true inner happiness and peace of mind. Whether you have a gift of gab, singing, dancing, writing, acting, cooking, sewing, designing, farming, teaching or preaching, please share it with the rest of us and shine your light brightly! - Randolph Randy Camp

Debbie Croysdale

Sometimes people are gifted but don't know it. They shine a beacon of joy on people, a special vibe, that is not of any gain to themselves. People should open up more, and whatever is special inside them, will be heartfelt by the recipient.

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