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Frank Van Der Meijden

Short Movie

At this moment I'm finishing the draft of my screenplay for my own short movie 'Room Available'. A gothic lovestory with some suspense in it. Right now it is quite challenging to make the script vivid. What is your trick to check if your writing is 'real' and 'authentic'? The next step will be the phase to clarify my own cinematographic vision, but in the end I can't wait to step on to the set in Amsterdam, to check if the play is as I want it to be: creepy, moving and sometimes funny. 

By the way, it's in Dutch, so if it will ever be there for international audience, I'll have to use subtitles. 

James Welday

To be real and authentic is to be true to the tone you’re hoping to set. As the writer and director, you already have the vision in mind of how it will look cinematically. If it’s a horror genre, lean in and make it your own. Best of luck!!

Charles W Gordon III

You're the writer and director which makes one vision. That's a big plus. It's not like you are trying to write and sell it for someone else to make. So don't stress too much. If it's real or authentic? That will be determined by the finished product. One thing I might stress is that you shouldn't go into the production unsure of the material. So have some people read and see how it sits with them. Maybe they'll be able to give you some helpful feedback.

A. S. Templeton

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