Short Stories to Novellas

I'm wondering what do you think about having a short story start a series and it would be considered book one then it leads into novellas as the remaining books for the series?

Jeff Lyons

Doesn't make much sense... you should figure out a way to put it into the first novella ... marketing it all would be very awkward.... doing mixed formats.

Jeff E. Gregory

I think it could work if done properly.

Patricia M Bates

It'll depend upon the length of the short story. If its something really short you probably would want to offer it only as a sampler and attach it to the first novella. Its a good idea when you're doing series, to ensure each piece leads into the next but all can be stand alones. What's the game plan for the series? Are you looking to do a self-pub or seek publication through an indie press? The answer to those questions will also help you figure out where to go with your project.

Nikki Ackerman

I actually published two short stories in paperback and Kindle formats just to have some writing credit when I apply for writing jobs. I discovered when I applied for freelance work through a RPG company that they wanted published authors. (Think Kevin Anderson or Timothy Zahn) Discouraging, indeed. So I think it depends on the why you want to publish.

David E. Gates

I published several short stories, one of which links into the sequel to my first horror novel. I believe they can generate interest in other works, especially if you offer them for free via Smashwords etc. Trying to get them onto Amazon for free is a ball-ache. You essentially have to publish them everywhere else at $0 before you can ask Amazon to price-match. I've since included the short-stories I wrote in an anthology and they're useful for entering competitions etc.

Daisy White

Agreed - it can be a great way to generate interest, and maybe you could then offer the short story as a freebie when you release the first novella?

William Carlton Brown

The entertainment industry is bursting at the seams for new material. Of course with the advent of more avenues to reach more people, you can see that trend continuing well into the future. I've been working on a sort of short novella myself, with the hopes someone may read it themselves and show interest in it for a possible series.

That being said, I would love if someone thought enough of one of my short scripts to possibly make it into a short on film.

Money should always be mentioned, that is if money is part of the equation somewhere. As for me, I'm looking for credits! Money is nice, but give me the writing credits of said projects.

you can contact me at

Yeah I know AOL to some is so lame (as young people say).......

But as Richard Pryor said.....oh well. I'll just leave it at that.

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