On Writing : The Nine Sins Of Plagiarism by Elliot Grove

Elliot Grove

The Nine Sins Of Plagiarism

I work in the creative industries. I also founded Britain's largest postgraduate film degree with partners Staffordshire University. I'm always on the hunt for people ripping off my ideas, and students tempted by one of the nine sins of Plagiarism. This past week I had a dual challenge. A minor plagiarism issue with a student and a major confrontation with a would be partner who had, in my opinion nicked a course outline and was now calling it their own. This is when I stumbled onto a website, ironically called unplag.com. They've developed a nifty app to detect plagiarism. I used the free trial and sure enough - my instincts were correct. I had been ripped off. With intellectual property ownership being the only way one can possibly make an income in the creative industries, I thought I would share this information with you, my online colleagues. Of course I hope you never have to use it! Read: Plagiarism: 9 different sins: http://www.raindance.org/plagariasm-9-diffent-sins/

Elliot Grove

Yes Sue. They are.

Elliot Grove

WELL, think of it like this - from my POV - you want to come up with a really intresting way of presenting course. and thats tough

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