Anything Goes : There's no Virgin Birth narrative in the earliest Greek manuscripts of the New Testament! by Deborah Rodriguez-Castinado

There's no Virgin Birth narrative in the earliest Greek manuscripts of the New Testament!

Don't shoot the messenger, but rumor has it in the Jewish camp that there is no Virgin Birth narrative in the earliest manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. Exploring the Jewish point of view on the Virgin Birth is my lifelong quest. Join me!

Jeff Lyons

Neither the Epistles, nor the Acts, nor the Revelation refer either explicitly or even implicitly to a Virgin Birth. I'm talking earliest translations ... as far as I know. The problem is that this "fact" gets picked up on by nutbar evangelicals to promote some wacho fringe Christianity ... and all they're really doing is reviving the old "creature vs. divine" nature of Jesus the Catholic Church had back in the 4th century (Arian Controversy). Nothing new here... :) In fact, it's very old.

Deborah Rodriguez-Castinado

Right, you are, Jeff! Nor is it in the gospels of Matthew or Luke, contrary to popular opinion. (In the earliest Greek manuscripts, that is!) I'm new to this whole site. Thanks for your comment. :-) I'm reading about you. I'll keep you in mind. I wrote a 3 volume Dialogue, but decided to use the research in a screenplay, instead. Decided that'd be a wild adventure, and it 'tis! Happy 4th!

Pup Che

Why are you so angry Deborah?

Deborah Rodriguez-Castinado

Hi Pup Che :-) thanks for asking. I'm not angry, though. Too many things to be grateful for!

Dale Lippman

I like the story of the angel letting Joseph know Mary had kept her vow and she'd serve a divine purpose to deliver a savior

Lisa Levin

Very interesting subject. I did see a virgin birth during nursing school (oddly enough a Catholic nursing school), but it had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with pedophilia. Anyway, I'm not religious but I'm guessing those who are probably aren't happy to have their religious beliefs dissected. That's certainly no criticism from me as I like facts and history. However, I think that's why religion is called faith. Some things you really do have to take on faith. If you question any religious tenets, you probably will lose that faith.

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