On Writing : What's the best part of Writing? The Beginning? The End? ;-) by Daisy White

What's the best part of Writing? The Beginning? The End? ;-)

I love the start of a new idea, right before any words go down, and also the editing stage, as the whole thing is brought to life ;-)

Cobus Vermeulen

I wouldn't think so much regarding the Best Part of Writing is,

Many more times I have to Slow down when I'm at the Final Chapter of the Book,

If I do not allow the Story and the Characters to bring it to a Final or Climax,

Doing it patiently - I would tend to make mistakes, Fighting to slow down, in reaching the End of the Book...


Writing along and Imagining the various Scene or Actions taking place,

Down the line is as Interesting - getting the Idea out of my Head and Getting everything together to actually work!

Very, Very Cool!

Diana Stout

The best part? Only by a smidgin, the beginning. When everything is bright, shiny, and new.

Cobus Vermeulen

That's a Definite fact,

But I think it actually refract your Personality the most;

That which you Enjoy the most will come to the Fore...

As long as you Love You Passion at whatever you do -

The Actual best is,

Just going ahead and Doing it so One Day,

The Rest of the Wotld can Share in what You create...

Keeping on Cresting


Keeping the Passion...

William Schumpert

I guess you could compare it to having a child or a pet. It starts out small and slow, but eventually makes accomplishments. Makes some problems on the way but grows. And before you know it your story is accomplished. And you have that satisfaction.

Cobus Vermeulen

Absolutely so!

One Lady told me before I started to Seriously write Books,

Many Many Moons ago;

The Words and your Ideas are like your Children.


Some go away and some live Close to Home.

No matter what,

All of them must walk their own path.

Like Us and our Stories,

Knowing when it's Finished and who yo help with the Editing and all the rest,

That's difficult and comes with Time.

As long as You Love and Enjoy what You're doing...

David E. Gates

The money... LOL.

Erik Meyers

I love telling a story and getting lost in it as I write it.

Daisy White

Yes! When you drive thru red lights because you are so busy plotting lol.

Jess Waters

My favorite part is the middle because those are the moments when you realize the story is really worth telling...or not. I also do love writing the last lines on a page.

Cobus Vermeulen

Daisy White Remind me, if ever I take a ride from you; I'll chauffer you where I need be going... He... He... He...

James Welday

The actual scripting process can be both a blessing and a curse. What determines that, for me, is the outline, and how detailed it is.

Michael LaVoie

I really like redrafting after the first round of notes. Then redrafting, Feedback and finally polishing to where you can read it and not want feedback cause you don't want to change anything.

Meg Stone

My favourite part of writing is having someone read it!

I know, I'm shallow.

Annaluisa de Socchieri

I love doing the researches before starting to write

Karen "Kay" Ross

Naw, I feel you, @Meg - I especially love table reads. Reading out loud is a core joy of mine. Don't feel bad for your joy, either! Ooo, solid choice, @Annaluisa - research is quite fun as well!

William Schumpert

Every part.

Becky Balsano

I'm a fan of the "spilling out of me" stage. Getting to know the characters and following them on their adventure. I have also come to appreciate the editing as well but I still have a habit of dragging my feet sometimes. Once I'm rolling though, I'm all in. And every time I get through it - I see my growth on the next project.

James Welday

Becky, well said!! The spilling out of me stage is what I call the Blue Sky phase, where I’m just following scenarios and the characters, such as how you described.

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