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D K Mamula

Writing for Muscal Theater

I have an original novel that I self-published in 2015 and I was thinking of writing a script for a stage musical based on the same story. Problem is, I've never written a theater script before so I'm not real sure what the guidelines are, i.e. formatting, stage directions, etc., and I haven't been able to find any kind of books on the subject. Any pointers or good reference materials that anyone can recommend?

John Michael German

Dear D K Mamula:

Research, research, research. If you search online you will find various avenues of places that will help you out with what you are looking for, which will include already finished stage plays.

Below are some links that should help you out with all of that information:




allmusicals.com has a bunch of lyrical text that you can go through and get a feel for how they write them, which can help you transform your self-published novel into a stage play; With a chorus line, you can get more in-depth with some they have displayed online.

Hope this helps; All the best to your writing if you continue down that path with the stage play.


John German

James Drago

There are many, many volumes of plays that have been printed. The easiest way to learn is to read and study.

D K Mamula

Thanks for the links, John, I will definitely check them out. :) I am a lyricist and have a collaborator in England who has written songs for musicals, so I'm okay with the songs, dialogue, etc. I'm looking more for something that would help me put all the scenes I have in my head down on paper.

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