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Hello and Happy New Year! I'm looking for a group that workshops play scripts in the L.A. area. Any suggestions?

Favourite Author Just joined Stage32

Hi, I'm excited that a favourite author of mine - John Hindmarsh - has just joined Stage32. It would be lovely if you could welcome him... Thanks ever so. Kaye

New Project!

I am going to start writing a play based off of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace and can't wait to get started! It's such a amazing novel! I do know that a musical was made based off of part 5, but I plan on writing a musical, too, but spans over the whole novel. I just have one question! Does anyone kno...

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Black Theater in the United States from actor Robert Hooks's Perspective

He founded the Negro Ensemble Company in New York City 50 years ago and the DC Black Repertory Company in Washington, DC. Actor Robert Hooks, and his playwright co-founder Douglas Turner Ward, provided a platform for Black actors to develop and hone their craft in New York City. A tribute to Robert,...

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I'm looking for an L.A. based writer who is an independent type & somewhat aggressive in getting a film made. Possibly shoot a short together to use as a demo reel? and show what kind of quality we can produce. Or an accountability partner to encourage finishing written material in a timely manner....

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It is 'Cookie Time'!

Hey, has anyone heard about 'Troop Beverly Hills' getting a reboot?

Dantes y Eliades

I wrote a play/filmscript while I was working on my PhD in Cuba. It is a four act play about Cuba & Haiti during the American occupation of 1915. I dealt with issues of religion, oppression, vodu, racism in the play etc... I would like to pitch it to someone as a theatrical play or a film. I am look...

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Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn’t!!

From my blog... Amazon/Audible's diabolical search algorithm screws up again!

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Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn't!!
Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn't!!
You may recall that, back in May, I wrote about Amazon's god-awful search engine issues which would not reveal any of my books despite putting "David E. Gates" in full in their search windows. Now, it…
Roe De Pinto for The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba

Bookexpo/bookcon- Let's meet at Author's market AM-71 if anyone is going- love to meet in person!

I Don't Drink Decaf.

Hi all. My first time on these pages so bear with me if I screw up. I began writing e-books four years ago and have recently attempted to turn the above into a stage-play. 'Decaf' is a story of 3 friends, all ladies who went through school together etc and are now 30ish. Two are fed up with husbands...

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