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The Pit Bull Wizard, Volume One: Animals of Asgard

I just finished writing my second book called The Pit Bull Wizard, Volume One: Animals of Asgard. I am submitting it to the fantasy contest here. It's about an adopted pit bull that discovers he has magical powers and enrolls in a secret training school for animal wizards in hops of using his new fo...

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I have goal to produce an autobio on my life of 60 years and have been involved in intriguing events and met fascinating and special people.. I also have goal to author a book based on my life possibly tie the two together somehow.

Feedback on 5 minute play

Hello everyone, I recently finished a 5 minute play and I would love to get feedback. It tackled class and racism. I think my biggest weakness right now is the dialogue and pacing. I feel that it may be a bit on the nose and preachy at times and that's something I really want to work on. If anyone w...

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Stage Writing and Animation

Hello everyone! Happy Saint Patrick's Day. I need help in writing a Stage Play for 3 Puppet Toy Bears. Can anyone tell me..."How to find material to write the Stage Play in a certain way". I mean I would love to go to Public Schools with my New Puppet Show; Titled "Where's the Soda Tub?". Can any ...

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Podcast chats about memoir writing, directing an LGBT film and how to make this world a better place to live

Check out some great interviews with a film director and two authors: 1. Denis Ledoux - The Memoir Network - chats with me about how to get your Memoir written, published and promoted 2. James Postlethwait - As the Sun Rises - chats with me about his new LGBT drama being filmed in Manchester and No ...

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Ever had that moment...

When you're writing a story, realize it's jumped the shark, lack the #@% to give and continue writing the thing anyway? That's what I'm doing right now. I'm having fun. :)


Thinking About Art and How It Can Compliment Your Words

For my Dark and Fevered Dreams book series, I'm using more and more illustration. When Volume 3 hits (probably later this year), it will be much closer to a graphic novel than any of the previous editions. As a result, I'm spending a lot of time planning visuals so they enhance the written word. I f ...

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The Art of Storyboarding - Concepts - Medium
The Art of Storyboarding - Concepts - Medium
Mimi Chao is a storyteller and illustrator with magical ideas that resonate with the deepest parts of our human experience. She uses Concepts to create storyboarding layouts when working on books or i…
Using Your Words in Your Designs

I thought this was an interesting article for those authors / designers / wearers of many hats.

Designers who play with words: How to use writing in your design process. #design #writing #creativewriting

Designers who play with words - Dropbox Design - Medium
Designers who play with words - Dropbox Design - Medium
Writing can be a tool for talking to ourselves when we're still figuring things out. A sort of mirror or feedback system. A way to understand and articulate design. - Nicole Fenton, Words as Mater…
I Love Rejection
I Love Rejection
Okay, I don't "love" love it, but I have come to accept and even be a little bit proud of it, in terms of my chosen career - writing. As anyone in the arts - particularly acting and writing - knows, y…
Favourite Author Just joined Stage32

Hi, I'm excited that a favourite author of mine - John Hindmarsh - has just joined Stage32. It would be lovely if you could welcome him... Thanks ever so. Kaye

New Project!

I am going to start writing a play based off of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace and can't wait to get started! It's such a amazing novel! I do know that a musical was made based off of part 5, but I plan on writing a musical, too, but spans over the whole novel. I just have one question! Does anyone kno...

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