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Dantes y Eliades

I wrote a play/filmscript while I was working on my PhD in Cuba. It is a four act play about Cuba & Haiti during the American occupation of 1915. I dealt with issues of religion, oppression, vodu, racism in the play etc... I would like to pitch it to someone as a theatrical play or a film. I am look...

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Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn’t!!

From my blog... Amazon/Audible's diabolical search algorithm screws up again!

Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn't!!
Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn't!!
You may recall that, back in May, I wrote about Amazon's god-awful search engine issues which would not reveal any of my books despite putting "David E. Gates" in full in their search windows. Now, it…
Roe De Pinto for The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba

Bookexpo/bookcon- Let's meet at Author's market AM-71 if anyone is going- love to meet in person!

I Don't Drink Decaf.

Hi all. My first time on these pages so bear with me if I screw up. I began writing e-books four years ago and have recently attempted to turn the above into a stage-play. 'Decaf' is a story of 3 friends, all ladies who went through school together etc and are now 30ish. Two are fed up with husbands...

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Sitcom Writing

Hello writers,
I have a concept for a sitcom type show (Think 30 Rock in terms of look and feel). I am looking for writers who know how to flush out characters and storylines.I am looking forward to teaming up with interested parties.

BIOGRAPHICAL EPIC..An Inheritance From Yorkshire

It's taken over 20 years since I requested the Author to write out his lifes' story..A Biographical Epic. I had to decide (which was very difficult) how to bring these stories to life. Finally, a decision was made..No one could play 'Yorky' The Author would read the stories on video..a chapter at a...

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Talk about the Odd Couple...

Never saw this coming. Bill Clinton teams with James Patterson. Thoughts?


Currently doing some writing on my past...something colorful , humor, family, hiccup and maybe a little inspiration..and some that make your scratch your head...

A first for me

I wrote a ten-minute play. I've not written any kind of play since a merit badge assignment in the Boy Scouts, way back when I was in high school, and that one was a five-minute scene, at most, which was never going to be performed and is long lost. I've been an actor for many years and have even wr...

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About to put the work in!

I am up and ready to write! I plan to do 5-7 really good chapters, with go flow and hook scenes that keep my readers looked in. Challenging my fellow writers to make the pages bleed today - until your brain disconnects from your fingers!
Challenge accepted?

Any Writer interested finish book on Iroquois Redmen?

Please click on link below to view the late author's experiences who lived for many years with the Iroquois, called the Long House People from the Six Nations Grand River Country. John Morley was adopted by his Red Brothers for his work to make the world understand about their identity, their religi...

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