Post-Production : A Sad Day For Our Industry by Christina Horgan

Christina Horgan

A Sad Day For Our Industry

This is a sad day for the film industry, but not entirely unimaginable. All I can say to our independent filmmakers out there, is to please remember that sound is the other half of your movie the next time you budget for your picture… even if it is a low, low budget film, before you spend 80% (or more) of your project's post-production budget on picture editing, VFX, color correction, etc., please think about this… Post sound should be half of your budget, it also involves an array of processes from editing, to ADR, foley, sound design, music editing, mixing, engineers and the stages alone (for ADR, foley, and dubbing) will cost upwards from $200/day to $200/hr (and more) to prepare the deliverables in their final formats. We are not the "other" guys, but part of your film's process, and just as important as each process. We love you guys, please show us the same respect as you do toward your production team and your post-picture team, and please remember that sound is not just technology and anyone can do it… there must be knowledge behind the technology. "If you think a professional crew is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur one". Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Here's to all of our future, and creating great indie films. — Christina Horgan, Post Production Sound Services

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