Post-Production : ADR/Foley Space Needed In Seattle by Brendan Thatcher

Brendan Thatcher

ADR/Foley Space Needed In Seattle

My filmmaking partner and I are finishing a short film, and we are looking for a space to record some ADR and foley sounds in Seattle. I did a Google search on recording studios, and I found many very professional companies that charge more than what our budget allows. Does anyone have any tips or possible locations for recording ADR and foley with a budget-friendly location in mind? Thanks for any help!

Lindsay Miernicke

Hey Brendan! I am not from Seattle, but I am a Post Production Coordinator and have had my fair share of searching for ADR Stages. If you are on a budget, try looking at the street view and locations of the stages you have searched. If you can find a stage someone has built into their home/apartment and the exterior looks residential I would give them a call, see their rates and what projects they have worked on (if they will answer that). You can also request samples of their work. Good luck!

Brendan Thatcher

Thanks Lindsay! I found a film school that has a good ADR setup that is affordable.

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