Post-Production : Any Sound Designers on Here? by Steve Cleary

Steve Cleary

Any Sound Designers on Here?

Hi Everyone, I make a web series where I wear all the hats and I'm not too proud to admit I spread myself a bit too thin on the latest episode! I've had a devil of time trying to work in just a single line of ADR, but laboring over it for over 4 hours, tweaking filters, frequencies and every other knob I could get my hands on, replaying it a thousand times thinking it sounds right, only to find it still sticks out like a sore thumb, I thought I'd reach to the community to see if I can't find some support. Someone who knows waveforms and such much better than I, a common dabbler. It's a zero-budget vanity project so I'm afraid I'm unable to pay for an expert, all I can humbly offer is perhaps some writing, voice-over, cameo bit or editing in return. Here's the 60 or so second clip that has the offending line. Nevermind the green screen disaster, that's another matter entirely: Thanks for reading this. If you think this is something you might want to help me with, please let me know! Have a great weekend everyone. -Steve

Steve Cleary

In the meantime, I'm hitting all the tutorials. Sound issue fixed! Now onto the green screen debacle...

Amanda Toney

I'm hoping someone in my network can help Steve Cleary...

Steve Cleary

Hey thanks Amanda Toney! For now, I'm getting used to being the brooding character who says the stock phrase "I work alone" =^p

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