Post-Production : Best way to find short films to work on by Justin Jones

Justin Jones

Best way to find short films to work on

Hello my name is Justin Harrell Jones and I am the owner of J.H.J SFX and I was wondering what the best way to find foley work for short films as I am having a hard time finding work. I also have included a link to my website if you are interested in seeing some of my work.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

I don't if you're located near any cities. Do look into your state film commission as they will have the pulse on production in your state. Also look up video production companies in your state as well as they may be close to you and doing local productions, local commercials. There's also a JOBS section here on S32, and you can also post on Craigslist for larger cities outside your area (in other states) for remote work.

Justin Jones

Thanks for the advice

Shellie Schmals

Hi Justin Jones - here's the Stage 32 link for you >> and reach out to your local film office >>

They can help connect you to networking organizations or production companies in your area.

Amanda Toney

I’d also recommend networking here on Stage 32. Get active in conversations in the lounge and be visible. There are a lot of lurkers here who have projects that reach out privately. Good luck to you!

Bede G. Ireland

Hi Justin, went and had a look at and listen to your web site. A bit of text (and a few pictures with sounds attached to them) telling the world what you do, where you do it and some back story about who you are will make a world of difference. At the moment it's just a place holder and you definitely have a bigger flag to stick in the ground than what's there now. All the best.and Amanda is right - start engaging with folk here you will be surprised what can come of it :-)

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