Post-Production : Color Grading in Affter Effects by Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Color Grading in Affter Effects

How to colour grade in After Effects
How to colour grade in After Effects
I've always loved this line from the film 'What About Bob?': "Baby steps, Bob. Baby steps." Colour correction and grading is best approached the same way - one step at a time. We've always done some k…
Amanda Toney

Editors - any advice on this?

Lisa Yimm

I've done a lot of color grading in AfterEffects, including a 2hr feature that I graded in AECS4. I used to use Color Finesse along with the built in color tools, and still do occasionally. I prefer to use Magic Bullet Looks/Colorista within AE. If I'm working on a project where I'm doing VFX and grading, it's often easier to stay completely within AE, than going back and forth between FCP. It's also easier now that I'm sometimes editing in Premiere. I come from a color lab background so I can comfortably grade using whatever tools are available.

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