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Michael Connolly

Colour grading...

Hey everybody, Had a question regarding Colour grading... we just finished a documentary and its a really mess... we graded it colour in Davince Resolve but the new version is not out yes so we had to use the Beta and its just not good enough yet. so we where wondering what other colour programs are good to use? we edited the film in FCPX.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

The color program for FCP works, as well a Adobe. A good plug in/app is Magic Bullet Color IV or Looks (integrates with FCP, Premiere Pro and After Effects).

Michael Connolly

Does grading the colour add a lot of grain to the video?

David Trotti

The color grading in FCP works pretty well. You could try Filmconvert or another plugin and see if you like it. And there are plenty of options with pre-configured LUT's you can buy.

Grading should not influence grain, unless you're tweaking the heck out of something like the brightness or the codec you're using is doing something horrible. If grain is something you want there are plenty of filmstock-look effects you can buy and apply.

What codec are you using for your renders? Since you're in FCP, my suggestion is try rendering a ProRes file and see if your image quality improves.

Nelson Torres

DaVinci Resolve is state of the art. Nothing better than that. What did you shoot on? Log or Raw? If you shot on a DSLR that's 8bit/4:2:0 color space. WYSIWYG. In order to get a decent grade you need to shoot 10bit.

Michael Connolly

So Resolve won't work as the new fcpx won't take in the studio version XML just the beta and the beta has a lot of flaws.

we shot Pro Ress 10 bit :)

Tony Elwood

Michael, might I suggest trying Color Finale Pro. It's a plugin for FCPX. I just finished coloring a film and loved the way it works. Keeps you right inside Final Cut. The new color grading tools inside the latest version are pretty amazing now, but I found Color Finale Pro to be the answer. Hope this helps.

Michael Connolly

Tony, that’s actually what we went with... but its so slow to use... and it’s having a strange effect on the background colors...

Michael Connolly

thanks everybody for the advice, I love to have a community like this where I can ask questions!

Patricia Poulos

Michael, A young man, Cristian Florin Cozminca (a colorist/editor) is looking for work. He's prepared to work for free. I'm unsure if I've got all this right, but if you have something, perhaps you could contact him on this site.

Tony Elwood

Michael, what is your machine setup, ram, drive space? I know if you're using plugins or correcting within final cut pro x, it requires a ton of ram and hardrive space. the color finale plugin causing he background color issues, or was it shot that way? Love to see screengrabs of the issue if possible. Hope you get this worked out.

Michael Kang

Are you using the free DaVinci Resolve? The full version should be able to handle ANY color grading jobs you have. Perhaps it would be useful if you detailed what problems you are currently trying to solve?

Michael Connolly

We did the film in Resolve but when we bring it back it jumbles the film.... and becomes to much work to fix... the pay version for 15 needs to come out because. 14 does not work with FCPX...

Stephen Van Vuuren

The paid of version of 14 gets you the paid version of 15 - running it here now although it's a bit buggy. Alternative would be Red Giant Color Suite in After Effects

Ashley Lynch

The Resolve beta is just fine for grading, or if you’re have compatibility issues, you can always go back a version. Most NLEs have basic colour grading functions. Where they’ll start to fall short is your secondaries and ability to isolate by hue or gamma. I’ve colour graded whole shows inside of Avid, so it can be done, but it’s more limiting.

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