Post-Production : DaVinci Resolve 12 by Peter Mercer

DaVinci Resolve 12

Hey everyone, I recently worked on a project for school where i had to do some color correction. I grabbed it off the app store since it was free, and really thought it was a pain at first but once i figured out how to use it i ended up really liking it. Granted i only used the color portion of it, i did not edit on it. Wanted to see what other people thought of Resolve. Like it? Dislike it?

Matt Yaple

I use Resolve all the time for color correction / grading and I love it! I don't use it for editing though, as I prefer to work in Premiere and/or Avid. I started using it after getting the Blackmagic Pocket, and after taking a couple Lynda courses I quickly got the hang of it. Do you use a color-calibrated monitor?

Peter Mercer

Probably not but I actually don't know. It was just a quick touch up I had to do and my first real experience with color correction. I assume this is something I should look into doing if I happen to find myself doing a lot of this?

Matt Yaple

It isn't mandatory, but definitely helpful if you plan on doing a lot of color correction. After all, if you spend a ton of time working with colors, you'll probably want to ensure your monitor is displaying those colors as accurately as possible :-)

Peter Mercer

Awesome! Thanks!

Rick Mowat

I'm actually editing on it. I've been a long time FCP7 editor but don't like 10 and don't want to be a monthly slave to Adobe for Premier so I've been giving the free Davinci a try and it's not bad. I'm betting that because Davinci frequently upgrades their software that before too long this is going to be quite decent. Stay tuned!

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