Post-Production : Davinci Resolve 14 Thoughts by Cole Morgan

Davinci Resolve 14 Thoughts

Hello everyone in the post production world. How's everything going? Monday if I am not mistaking, BlackMagic released a beta for Davenci Resolve 14. For the first 20 mins of playing around on it. I am very impressed with the functionality of it. 10x faster processing, open fx included right now (hopefully with the free and finished version), and much more. If anyone has begun work on version 14 beta. What are your thoughts and opinions?

Serge Martinenko

I gotta check this out. I am still on 12.5 and new feature of ability to edit audio sounds very intriguing. Also, I've red that they improved rendering engine which make DR to work faster.

Jakub Micuch

Hi Cole, I tried Resolve 14 for few projects, and it's really impressive, speed, audio editor, I love Davinci Resolve. But due to several big bugs i had to go back on 12,5 and maybe i will wait for final version. And maybe not. :D With included audio editor Resolve starting be my first choise of NLE. I worked with premiere, but premiere is creepy in last updates...

Cole Morgan

Right. I have touched bases with premiere. I am not a huge fan of it but if I was to ever work on a project using premiere I could handle it. That's exactly what I had to do was go back to 12.5 I hope the final version is nearing completion.

Jakub Micuch

Hi guys, yesterday was released 14.7 update. Just want to say, that I am mainly editing in Davinci from 14.5 update and I can say, now is Davinci pretty stable with really good performance. I love it! Most of previous bugs was solved and eliminated.

Cole Morgan

So can a low end laptop run Resolve 14.7 now?

Jakub Micuch

I dont think so Cole. Minimum system requirements are the same as in previous versions. But you can try it..

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