Post-Production : Editor Reel Help?? by Stephen Quaranta Jr.

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Stephen Quaranta Jr.

Editor Reel Help??

Hey everyone, I am working on a reel but have only one subject of footage to use, is this cause for concern should I make the reel have more than one subject in it? I don't have a camera so I was only able to find footage off of a website. I just am wondering if it would be a joke to call it a reel if it really is only one subject. Unless I use a lot of transitions and blends to show my creativity with Video editing? Again any feedback would be excellent, thank you all Steve

Bret Hampton

It would be better to ask a cameraman friend to donate some of you to use. Maybe ask them to shoot certain things for you. Also create some graphics you can use keyed over the footage or in between. Don't use stuff off the web, the quality won't be so good and it's not yours. I once ran a video company and had to hire an editor. This guy shows me 'his' reel and turned out he showed me my own work. Obviously he didn't get the job but I hoped learned something.

Simon © Simon

Editing reel, should showcase your editing ability (stating the obvious). Not your directing or DOP ability. So on that note, why not edit a scene in many different ways? Perhaps show your 8 seconds of footage in different cuts/edits? I see people show directors reels and they look like editor reels...Or DP's reels showing editing... Change the score and so forth showing all lateral you possess in editing. Personally I can edit a scene in a 100 different flavors for 100 different styles... Pretty deep rabbit hole. I do not see a reason why you could not use stock footage and recut the same footage over and over with different score and or effects. If the person on the other end states anything about the stock footage, either disclaim it out front or tell them "yeah it is stock footage" were you looking for an editor, or a DP?" Furthermore there are contests out there that offer ONLY stock footage so it can be judged for editing instead of someone pulling off an epic cliff dive shot in the reel thereby tainting the judging or 'sizzle'. Just my view on it....

Stephen Quaranta Jr.

Thank you for the feedback, I def can show my editing skills like that, This video I'm making tho has no vocals or dialogue really just music, kinda feels like a trailer montage.. I think I'm really good at piecing together and making trailers. Not sure where I can showcase that ability with editing... This short I'm making is definitely going to show off many effects including color, and transitions. Any tips on an over used effect or ones to leave out and or not to use so much?

Bret Hampton

I've edited trailers and you're right, more like a montage where you can put random images together. Doesn't really show editing if you want to work on dramatic or comedic projects. If you could find a lesser-known movie or tv episode you could recut it to tell a different story. That would really show your editing skills. As for effects and transitions, try to pick or create ones that have some meaning to the visuals. For example a shot of a river or lake could transition like it's flowing into the next shot.

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