Composing : Favorite Film Score by Tim Beck

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Tim Beck

Favorite Film Score

What is your favorite film score? As a film composer, there are several I could call truly inspiring and legendary. However, my all-time favorite film score is American Beauty by Thomas Newman - Everything from Newman's simplistic style to his unique orchestration and overall feel. I get chills simply listening to the cue "Any Other Name". So... what is your favorite score? Feel free to chime in with your favorite and please explain why.

D Marcus

I'm partial to Broughton's score for "Silverado" - I'd say it's my all-time favorite. Elmer Bernstein's "To Kill a Mockingbird" is beautiful. While over-all I'm not a fan of Horner, his "The Wrath of Kahn" is spectacular.

Andre Hunt

The soundtrack to Mickey One. (Eddie Sauter- Stan Getz) This music is the most exciting and brilliant music that I have on any album or CD. It smoothly starts kinda Bossa, then moves right into power story telling with no holds barred. The sheer variety of sound that Eddie Sauter pulls out of his orchestra with Getz is staggering, and even when he let a polka emit out of the blitz, it bristles with a raw power...What strikes you about this material is the dynamics...if you know the live Mingus, it approaches it, but Mingus never worked ideas like these....with that singular Getz voice becoming the interior of the Warren Beatty character always panicked....and never free. There's an early section where Getz plays three different solos over each other..all parts of the confused mind of the lead character....There are so many moments that move from sheer agony and fear into triumph and bliss, that it's almost too much to give yourself over to. Trust me, you've never heard anything like this album....and the previous collaberation between Eddie Sauter and Getz (Focus) doesn't come anywhere near this. This isn't just some avante-garde music that riffs along....this is some nailed grandeur singing in the streets. If you are a seeker of the extraordinary in music....this is at the top. It's richness of life, pain, fear, joy, and power make a one of a kind album. It heavily influenced my when I was 16 years old when it came out, as much as Miles Davis and Charles Mingus. Enough that I snuck bits of it into my film, Bum Rap - A Noir Fantasy. For my second favorite, it would probably be The Best Years of Our Lives, or The Misfits.

Benjamin Alany

I've always liked the score from POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl. It felt very appropriate for the film, and fun to listen to in general.

Pat Savage

American Beauty is certainly at the top of my list but the deep moody music of Monsters Ball. Slingblade featuring Daniel Lanois eery soundtrack is also a top pick and finally Risky Business with Tangerine Dreams tense and tight soundtrack. I am headed into creating soundtracks and these would be good examples of my ambient, meloncholic yet hopeful meanderings into giving film its emotional support system :)

Tim Newhouse

2 film scores that always stick in my head are The Fountain by Clint Mansell and the Amelie soundtrack by Yann Tiersen. I always felt both did a amazing job of actually driving the films. To me they are irreplaceable. I can watch the films in my mind just by listening to the music. The feelings of wonder, or sadness just explode with them and really make the films better.

Andre Hunt

I suppose we should mention Blade Runner. For years fans of soundtracks were stuck with some mystery orchestra soundtrack as there were Vangelis legal hassles getting the score out. So it finally comes out, and it's mixed up, and incomplete. THen there was the EPSY version, which I think was four CD's of original material, and you paid a load for that. But the score worked in tangent with the regular audio soundtrack so well, (industrial hissing, rising cars beeping and droning, etc.) that all you need to do is play the DVD and not watch the film. It's one of the best radio shows ever. And a truly inspired score.

Juan Pesquera

Well Tim, I would have to say: The Jaws theme because It is truly amazing what 2 or 3 notes can do to one's mind, what made that movie so terrifying were those constantly repeated notes when the shark came in or was near by

Carla Masterson

I loved the Music in Black Beauty and Some Where In Time.

Andre Hunt

"The mighty sons of Hercules were men as men should be, they roamed around, and when they found...TheSonsofHercules..... Now that's a soundtrack. Hercules Vs. The Molemen. 1960's.

Bill Hartin

Mark Knopfler composed a stirring soundtrack for A SHOT AT GLORY, starring Robert Duvall. Knopfler's haunting guitar on the "Sons of Scotland" track set the tone for the entire film.

Ric Frost

Over the years, many intriguing scores have been created. It is hard to pick just one, especially when there is no specific category from which to categorize the decision. Having said that, my two favorite are scores Braveheart - for the instrumentals that bring an emotional upwelling of the conflict between loyalty to one's family and heritage; and Apocalypse Now - for the foreboding eerie segment where the PBR crew is entering Col. Kurtz's realm and during the dark dialogue with Capt. Willard as Marlon Brando's sweaty face is moving in and out of the shadows.

Mona Deutsch Miller

E.T. would not be the same without John Williams' beautiful score. Same goes for his "Star Wars" music. I also loved the music to "The Mission."

Mona Deutsch Miller

And going way back in time, can you imagine the early Fellini films without those Nino Rota scores? La Strada would not be the same.

Sam Schmidt

Tron legacy. I loved it. Great new approach in my opinion.

James Calvo

Scores with deep meaning to me come from recent films such as inception and the dark knight rises. Can't forget the godfathers and Star Wars!

Caroline Gauthier

Hard to pick a favorite, but I love Thomas Newman, particularly the score from Revotlutionary Road. (Also I watched Lawrence of Arabia last night and that score is pretty kick-ass!)

Tressa Sanders

Alien 3, Wild Orchid, The Fifth Element, Siesta.. my list is also here:

Daren Allen Seifert

The soundtrack for "Dead Man" by Neil Young is my absolute favorite. I will listen to the entire thing on repeat while editing my films.

Danny McIvor

I love the music in Apocalypse Now. It's a wonderful mixture of orchestra, synthesizer, and voice effects to set up the various moods and a general feeling of dread as the characters move up the river in search of the infamous Colonel Kurtz. And of course, the brilliant use of various pop songs throughout from The Rolling Stones to Creedence Clearwater and, most famously Wagner's Ride of the Valkeries certainly one of the most memorable mixtures of music and visuals in movie history. Interestingly the music for the film was composed by the Director Francis Ford Coppola and his Father Carmine who also scored both original Godfather movies (with Nino Rota)

Joe Benit

Hi I'm kinda partial to Joe Renzetti - he's just amazing and inventive - very subtle and dwells in the shadows, but a true genius. Please don't reply, it'll only taint his near perfect obscurity. JB

Josh Zamora

The Godfather. So simple, but so moving.

Sam Levin

Alan Silvestri's score for Predator is awesomely primal. It has always been a favourite.

Ehizojie Ojesebholo

Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon. Features a moving cello solo by Yo-yo Ma.

Pam Thomas

Cinema Paradiso. Instantly an emotional heap & immediately see that flickering projector light as the reel runs through...

Scott Lloyd Shelly

The music for Mon Uncle, Directed by Jacques Tati, and composed by Franck Barcellini, who passed away in 2012. The score is so very wistful, lightly humorous, and absolutely French. I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes, but the opening scene especially gets me every time.

Andre Hunt

The originsl seven inch disc, with a handful of the soundtrack, and charming cover sits across from me as I write this. A cornerstone film for me.

David Wright

Epic themes usually grab me: "Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story", 90's "Last Of The Mohicans", even "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Cliff Zed

Which is best is tough, Vangelis' Bladerunner has that futuristic feel and sound. Then there's Hans Zimmer with Gladiator. Now we are free gets me everytime.

Victor Stapelberg

For stuff that some may call outdated or even never heard of as they weren t born I appreciate scores with long history like The 3rd Man or Les Parapluis de Cherbourg. They have proven to be unforgettable.

Andre Hunt

Michel Legrand, no?

Gabriele Zuccarini

I love the soundtrack to Sorceror. There's something beautiful about prog rock in the jungle rainfall.

Craig Addy

Two leap to mind. Peter Gabriel's "Passion" and Ennio Morricone's "The Mission". I do love "American Beauty" too.

Victor Stapelberg

Yes nice ones! The more I search the more come up that I like.

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