Post-Production : Filmmaker audio/film Editor and Compositor, Photographer by Brian Graf

Brian Graf

Filmmaker audio/film Editor and Compositor, Photographer

Hello fellow creative people. I messed up my last post. Oops. Sorry to everyone.

My question is this: I want to know how to get into the motion graphics industry, but specifically the reverse masking or inverted masking for cable or streaming industry.

Allow me to elaborate. If you watch Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, or just show sponsors (commercials) and they are using lettering with scenery behind the letters, this is inverted masking or reverse masking. This form of motion graphics has become very popular. I taught myself to create this graphic but do not know how to get into this industry. Here is my reel which has my example of inverted masking at 00:45 seconds in.

If someone here has some insight on how to tap into this very popular industry I am very interested. Thank you very much.

Christopher Phillips

Just go onto any job site. It's fairly standard position on TV and Cable channels.

Thiago R Desouza

I do work for networks and it isn't easy to get in specialized. Today you literally have to come in multiskilled and create a network that leads to those opportunities.

Brian Graf

Thank you both for your information

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