Post-Production : Goodmorning to all! by Alexandria Seier

Goodmorning to all!

Well at least from Tennessee!

How is everyone? I'm a Student in school for Video production but my true love has always been editing. What are some good editing programs to start out with?

Thank you! Look forward to talking to everyone!


Jason Feiler

Hi Alex, A lot depends on what your goals are, but you should learn FXP, Premiere and AVID. I would start with Premiere, it will teach you the basics of 3 point editing and works great with all the other Adobe products. AVID is still the standard for the television and movie industry and is a great, although bit dated piece of software. It probably will be the hardest to learn, but it is the best for media management which is key to big productions. Finally, FCP X would be the fastest to get started on and probably the most fun to play with, but not used in many studios. Don't count it out though I use it for some of it's FX sometimes. I hope this helps, and happy editing.

Dan MaxXx

I was a dailies editor for over a decade. AVID was and still is the number 1 editing software at post facilities. I'd get a copy of Final Cut Pro and learn that first on a home computer. FCP and AVID share the same keyboard functions/similar platform layout & editing tools.

Karen "Kay" Ross

When I was in film school, they had embraced FCP7, but when the next version was FCPX, everyone I knew either transferred into industry-standard AVID for television/film or Adobe Premiere for video production. FCP is a great way to start and if you do YouTube Videos could still work for you, but it stopped being professional-grade with FCPX. I currently work with Adobe Premiere, but you should check out DaVinci Resolve - every up-and-coming editor I've worked with learned how to edit on that one because it's free. It's also used professionally by colorists.

Tony S.

Starting out, starting out. iMovie. Free, quickly teaches basics of working in a timeline, no special hardware - use on iPhone or iPad

Then move on to any posted - FCP would be a natural - that require heftier hardware.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Good point, Tony S. - I would agree. iMovie is a great beginner tool. I've known many local media stations to use it as well.

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