Post-Production : Green Screen problems. Hope for advice by Julie Brett

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Julie Brett

Green Screen problems. Hope for advice

Hey guys, I was hoping to get some advice from some green screen experts. The video in question is below. I find I'm having regular issues with lighting when it comes to my green screen and it creates tons of extra work. I can get an even light on my green screen as long as it's close in, the minute I do a full body shot, my light gets uneven on the screen and I have to do a lot of work to get the chroma keyer to work. On top of that, hair is a real problem as well. If anyone has the time or inclination, I would love some tips on lighting. Thanks!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Are you using any lights at the base of your green screen? If all of your lights are at the top of your green screen, then the throw will be softer at the bottom (for full body). You can place your lights around the side at the base if that helps. Hair is a problem, yes. Make sure there is enough distance between you and the green screen and see if a rim light helps to separate you. Let us know how it goes!

Leya Marincic

Well I'm not an expert on green screens because my partner is more in his element here. But I just asked him and he said that what Karen "Kay" Ross told you is one thing to look out for. Even lighting for the green screen and it's best to light the subject and green screen separately. Preferably with lights of different color temperature.

Then when keying he said that one trick he uses is that he first duplicates the layers and color corrects the green screen to be even, then keys the green screen and gets a traveling matte. Then he uses that matte as a luma matte to extract the visible subject. Then just a little matte chocker and maybe you need to do a color suppresor to get rid of the green cast if any.

Sounds super simple but in reality if the lighting is OK then the second part should work also.

Good luck.

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