Post-Production : Here are a typical list of deliverables for a distributed Indie film. by Georgia Hilton

Georgia Hilton

Here are a typical list of deliverables for a distributed Indie film.

Here's a list of typical deliverables for a distributor. We're in the process of sending all this out for Subconscious this week. 1. The entire film high res version 2. The entire film Prores 4444 version 3. The entire film h.264 version 4. each "reel" ( we did 30 min reels - that means 4 of them ) in the above formats. 5. the films LtRt / LoRo mix for each reel and the full length version. 6. the music LtRt / LoRo mix for each reel and the full length version. 7. the sfx/Foley/production sound - fully loaded M&E LtRt / LoRo mix for each reel and full length version. 8 the dialogue LtRt / LoRo mix for each reel and full length version 8. the 5.1 mix full length version 9. the 5.1 music mix full length version 10. the 5.1 sfx/Foley/production sound - fully loaded M&E full length version. 11. the 5.1 dialogue mix full length version. 12. each of 4 reels - 5.1 full mix for the reel 13. each of 4 reels - 5.1 music mix for the reel 14. each of 4 reels - 5.1 sfx/Foley/production M&E fully loaded mix for the reel 15. each of 4 reels - 5.1 dialogue mix for each reel 16. a bunch of behind the scene videos with the same break down of audio files 17. creation of title cards for all of the behind the scenes videos 18. all the music on a CD fully documented 19. all the perfect timecode data list of every word spoken in the film (for foreign dubbing) 20. all the timecode data for all the reels 21. the as shot script 22. the poster and all graphic elements 23. every contract / document and silly piece of paper for the lawyers to play with. 24. the chain of title / copyright information 25. full credits ( this movie has a lot ) list 26. at least one trailer with all the associated audio breakouts 27. at least 50 behind the scenes stills 28. at least 50 production ( in front of the camera ) stills 29. Both DISK DRIVE and TAPE based versions of all the Videos and film 30. lists of just about everything you can think of and all the other bits and parts that are on the various distributor lists.

.O.L Green-Bush

Goregia, posted this to my LinkedIN account. thanks .O.

Michael Christophersson

hæ Georgia, I need to clarify what 1. means. I query this because resolution has nothing to do with compression. Usually I would deliver a 720p x264 .mp4 to clients (because some machines struggle to play 1080p as .mp4 can strain the computer processor). A request for full resolution for me would be 1080p (or higher if one was ever made) but I would not deliver anything that was not ProRes 422 (444 is not needed) or .mp4. Delivering any high quality file is silly ! I would amend this to: 1. Entire film on BluRay 2. Entire film full resolution (1080p or higher) ProRes 422 or DCP 3. Entire film 1080p x264 .mp4 4. Entire film 720p x264 .mp4 5. Entire film on DVD

Georgia Hilton

Most distributors want at least 1080p 16x9 ProRes4444 or on occasion ProRes422 or equal/better level of compression/quality. They will also normally accept 2:25 and/or 1:85 but may require you to deliver 16x9 version as well. Sound should at least be 48Khz 24bit ( or 16Bit as an option) LoRo or LtRt but most prefer 5.1 as well. bit depth should be as high as possible, but a lot depends on the entire production / post process path and any issues related during the creation of the project.

Georgia Hilton

Every Distributor is somewhat different. They will tell you what you need to deliver. You may. or may not, have any say in the deliverable list and format required. If you plan for high resolution delivery, you can always reduce... It becomes rather difficult to upres if required.

Xxcxcccc Cxxx

Why would a producer request an actors SSN, address and contact info for a film that was paid for and wraped 4 years ago? Request was for "Deliverables". Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Khurram Suhrwardy

Hey Georgia, Great list. Won't you need closed captioning or subtitle files with that? Once any VOD platform or Broadcaster takes up the project, they include those in the deliverable as well. I recently had a filmmaker friend who needed to get this done asap or his release date would have impacted. He was preparing for iTunes.

Nicholas Jordan

by the term «the as shot script» is that |in-the-can| going to distribution or is that what happens / happened in post? In other words, Item 14 references completed product rather than internal work.

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