Post-Production : Hi everyone can someone help me by Mahmod Seyam

Mahmod Seyam

Hi everyone can someone help me

I want know nuke 10 what this program work please

Mahmod Seyam

At least there is some one help me thank you so much

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

You're welcome!

Nathanael Gabel I recommend this. I use all the time!

Mahmod Seyam

Thank you for the website

Lyn Barlotta

Hi Amanda, I just caught wind of the Austin TX pre-festival meetup @ JKruger's Studio- and I rsvp'd there, but my printer's on the blink; will see if I can get in, thanks!

Lyn Barlotta

I did, and it was worthwhile- a year ago? Scary.

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