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Declan Cole-Flynn

Hiring editors

What do you look for in an edit showreel? The average editor will just go so simply from A to B when you ask em to. It is hard to tell that from a showreel. What do you look for?

Vital Butinar

This is actually a really good question and I've been thinking about similar things in other positions.

But more to the point I actually looked at several showreels a couple of weeks ago and found one interesting thing.

Editors, DPs or even some other creatives that might have a reel don't necessarily know how to create a good reel and I think it has to do with storytelling.

Because a lot (not all) of the reels I saw were not very engaging, either the edits were great but no structure just a montage of shots to boring music or beautiful shots of a movie a direct sequence form a project which without sound is also not engaging.

Don't get me wrong I'm sure a lot of these editors or DPs or whatever, are really great at what they do but it might be really hard to judge just from a reel because it's take out of context.

Honestly it's a tough one and I'm not exactly sure how I'd approach this problem but simply relaying on the reel would not be the only factor.

Karen "Kay" Ross

My latest discovery about editor showreels is how they edit together the reel is almost more important than how they've edited individual projects. That form of professional branding gives you something to talk about beyond the nuts and bolts because it really shows off their personality and what they bring to a project. I also look for clear and proactive communication on that first interview - can they provide solutions and not just point out problems, etc.

Declan Cole-Flynn

Good point guys

John Ellis

I have to admit, I haven't ever booked an editor off a reel. The editors I use come recommended by directors/DPs I've worked with.

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