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Langley Coleman

Holy Crap Ai

If you haven't heard about it yet Wonderstudio's new ai tool is going to be an absolute bombshell in the vfx world.

It can fully replace an actor with a 3d character including full body and facial animation.

We're talking about turning hours and hours of manual work into a few clicks. This is truly mind-blowing tech and I am drooling over it. Can't wait to (hopefully) get my hands on this!

oh, and it's being supported by industry giants like Steven Spielberg and Joe Russo btw

Ashley Renee Smith

Langley Coleman- This looks beautiful! Over in the Animation Lounge, we've been discussing the changes that AI is bringing to that field as well. Corridor Digital recently made an anime-styled short almost entirely with AI programs and it looks incredible. I shared a link to one of their recent videos where they discuss their process, in the animation lounge. You should definitely check it out. But use the link in the comments instead of the link in the post, they changed the video link for some reason.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

Nice reel but no... Yes it looks fine and all. But what does it actually mean? At the end of the day, what the democratization of AI tools really does is raise the bar to rise above the mediocre. (Or it lowers the bar for what is thought of as mediocre, if you want to look at it that way). Audience gets used to visuals really, really fast, and has become empowered to heap abuse on anything that starts to look repetitious, copied or used too often. Which is AI work... and will likely always be. Including the overused standardized mocap which often already is the target of derision. Which means that only really superior work will be lauded as... well, really superior work. The Open Forum last week discussed AI in depth, and the general consensus of professional filmmakers there was that, given the propensity of AI to rely on pattern matching and re-use, there's going to be a HOST of copyright infringement lawsuits biting unsophisticated users in the tushi in the next few years (inadvertent copyright infringement is still copyright infringement). The tools are great, that's for sure, but they are not going to make it easier for more than a few indie filmmakers with great timing and amazing scripts and other skills before it's back to the grind.

Langley Coleman

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq Agreed. this tool won't be useful until you can tweak the animations manually and upload your own models and mocap data, but the time savings in comp will be amazing

Amanda Toney

This is unreal Langley Coleman - WOW. Talk about a time-save. Agree that you still need manual support, but man, what a cost savings from a producing perspective.

Mark Deuce

Wow!!! This is amazing! I created my Movie Picture with AI. Miss White:

Miss White: Dragon Wars | A Dark Reimagining of Classic Fairy Tales

Mark Deuce


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