Post-Production : Music cue sheet. by Cary Patrick Martin

Cary Patrick Martin

Music cue sheet.

Has anyone done a music cue sheet for a film before??? A friend of mine has questions. Let me know and I'll connect you.

David Trotti

If you're referring to the Music Cue Sheet for your deliverables, it's pretty simple. Create a spreadsheet (in Excel) with ten columns. 1) Cue No. = Each music cue gets a number in order. Doesn't matter how short or long, give it a number in order. (01, 02, 03....) 2) Music Cue Title = Whatever the Composer/Artist called the Track or song (ie "M1 Opening"; or "Strawberry Fields") 3) Composer / Author/Arranger/CAE No. = Pretty straightforward, the CAE number can be gotten from the Composer, the agent, or ASCAP/BMI. It is used for paying residuals and usage fees. 4) Publisher / CAE No. = For original music, this is the composer or rights owner usually. For licensed music, it's the publisher. 5) Performer(s) / Record Title = Usually the Band/ Lead performer is enough and the record Title if it's a licensed song. 6) Catalogue No. = If the song has a catalog number. It's usually available from the artist or publisher. 7) ISRC Number if any 8) Music Origin Code = Where the music came from L=Live performance (if you filmed it being done), C=Commercially Recorded music, L=Library music, X=Specially Commissioned Music (basically what your composer provided). 9) Music Use Code = F= Featured Music (usually songs that are licensed, the opening and closing score, live performances), B= Background Music (usually your composer's tracks underscoring the action) 10) Music Cue duration = however many minutes and seconds the individual cue is. (ie: 0:16; or 1:43) At the Top of the Music Cue Sheet you should state: Film Title, Director, Production Company, Producer, Production Year, Type of Project (Feature Film, Short), Country of Origin, Film Duration and Music Duration (total) Individual distributors may have their own form for you to fill out. We usually just generated the above info on an Excel spreadsheet and that was sufficient. Hope that helps.

David Trotti

Here's a copy of one of our Music Cue Sheets. I redacted the CAE info for the artists. It gives you the general layout.

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