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Steve Cleary

No-Budget Filmmaking

I just started my own no-budget microseries on Instagram (@storbang #clichaction). I use my iPhone SE for shooting, Voice Memo for ADR, Storyblocks audio for sound effects and music, Pexel for stock video (establishing shots), and ClipChamp to edit it all together. Oh and I'm the only actor. Does anyone have any other suggestions for absolutely no-cost resources to use for producing projects?

John Zachary

Would love to see what you do.

Vital Butinar

Well most of the stuff me and my girlfriend shoot at the beginning was no budget and we did a couple of bigger projects.

Last summer a friend of ours asked if we were willing to make a promo video for their charity event and of course we wanted to help and he offered that they could pay for some food and costumes but not much more. So me, my girlfriend and her sister offered to shoot the promo video if it was a part of a short film we'd shoot since we already had the actors, props. So they gave us a couple of volunteers who helped and paid for the costumes and some food. They got a promo video and we got a 20 min short film out of it.

You can do a lot if the will is there and people are willing to help but it depends for what cause. In the end if it's a paid project you need to pay people that are involved at least something.

I always tell the client don't expect a Hollywood blockbuster if you've got a $100. So I always start with the budget and work my way down trough what we can make for that kind of budget.

For example we pitched a TV show to a network last year and the said that they like the concept and if we can bring them a rough pilot episode they'd pick it up. So my team and I are going to shoot a complete episode for the pilote on our own dime so that we have the proof of concept of the network executives and that's fine since it's an investment.

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