Post-Production : Object removal from a moving video - help needed. by Alise Ambaine

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Alise Ambaine

Object removal from a moving video - help needed.

Hello, I recently filmed a short film. There's one shot that I failed to do as good as it should have been because of lack of time and place. Anyway, I have a shot where I film a car moving (handheld, follows the car) and my main character was behind it so he can be seen before and after the car. Initially, I thought that it's ok for him to be seen in the beginning, but now in post-production, I have realized that I would be free with the story flow if he wasn't there. I would like to find a tutorial or any advice that could help me to remove him completely with After Effects or Hitfilm. Since it's my personal project, I am in no hurry and I am ready to take hours & hours to do it (even shot by shot), but I do want to make sure it looks decent. Any advice? Thank you so much & hope you have a wonderful day!

Eddie Felker

This is tough; no shortcuts are really available to you here. But, if you have (or can get) a still shot without the actor from the position the camera was in, you might be able to motion track the original shot and cover him up with the still. Blurring, feathering, and adjusting each keyframe will likely be necessary. And if the replacement still is under different lighting a bit of color correction too. It will be a slow process. But like the sign on my door says, "We can do anything here; miracles just take a little longer."

Edward Goree

Reach out to my friend and tell him Eddie sent you. He may be able to help you. Explain to him your issue.

Nathanael Gabel

This isn't too hard of a task. definitely time consuming! you can use after effects and mocha. Preferably a node based program like Nuke, but in today's digital world it's more of a preference! Look into roto painting and tracking. The basic idea is to take what you already have in the video and overlap it with what already there! Feel free to message me if you're still working on this issue.

Robert Sean-Riaz

Why not take the shot again and then edit it into the scene? Eitherwise overlapping like the guy before me said could work. I'm no expert mind but I did sort sound issues on my Film using overlapping technique and free sounds from the net!

Larry DeGala

lots of YouTube tutorials on that topic. not very hard to do, but could be hardware-intensive and may take some time to make it look right. re-shoot or substitute a closer angle may be your next option.

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