Post-Production : Post-People, I'm Curious - What Do Y'ALL Want to Know About the State of TV? by Karen "Kay" Ross

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Post-People, I'm Curious - What Do Y'ALL Want to Know About the State of TV?

Who's joining me and RB for the Roundtable Discussion? What are YOUR burning questions for the industry executives? Comment below!

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William Long Jack Eagen KYBN-Studio One, World Advantage Network Help me spread the word?

PS - It turns out I have a shocking lack of editors in my network, which is stupifying if you knew how many I have in my Rolodex! LOL! I will be remedying this shortly!

Tasha Lewis

Can you obtain a list of cancelled shows so we can see how to assist in some way?

Karen "Kay" Ross

SO many lists, Tasha Lewis - this is the one from 2020

There are also lists of shows canceled after one season.

Tasha Lewis

Thank you for the information Karen. I wanted to review the information to analyze the reasons behind the actions taken. I'm making my lists of questions. Many of the answers are in the webinairs or Stage 32 events. I will start hiring the necessary expert sessions shortly. I'm half way through my case studies. I was going for at least 5.

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